Skills of small house decoration

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Skills of small house decoration

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1 the principle of "light decoration" should be used in small spaces

if there are cabinets everywhere in small rooms, the living space is relatively reduced. Instead, it's better to use the decoration money to buy some better furniture. The so-called "light decoration" decoration concept advocates that under the limited budget, the practical function of home space should be based on furniture configuration, which is the primary focus of decoration, and the decoration of sky, ground and wall belongs to the supporting role of space decoration. Small space reduces the fixed and cumbersome decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live freely

2 the least and most exquisite furniture makes the most exquisite small space

small space should be more careful in choosing exquisite furniture. The larger the furniture, the more it can be stored (but not necessarily the more skillful and convenient), but the relative person's remaining range of activities is less, and the heavier the furniture, the larger the body, the less the possibility of flexible placement, the more miscellaneous the furniture, and the more impossible it is to express its unique beauty

3 the layout of small space should be dominated by people, supplemented by storage

the layout of small space should also be dominated by people, supplemented by furniture storage. Because the space is small, there is really no spare place to put clothes and cups that we can't wear forever. We need to complete the function of operation, so there will be furniture and storage, rather than storage to make cabinets; Although such a concept is simple and easy to understand, it is ignored by most people. People often see that some people put the cart before the horse and focus on storage first, and then ask for furniture. They forget which location can be soft and warm in the sun, and whether it is appropriate for people to walk into the room and cycle around. They only see the sofa full of TV. In fact, if the design can return to people-oriented, such crowding can be avoided

4 "ultra low ceiling" creates the highest sense of space

to expand the space, we must use our brains from the ceiling. The height of the ceiling should be reduced by 30 cm at random. If there are no messy lines in the ceiling, there is no need to make a wooden ceiling, which can greatly reduce the expensive artificial woodwork and create a space height; If you have to have a ceiling, you can also make only a partial ceiling, which can not only sort out the lines in between, but also create the interest of high and low visual design

5 small spaces should avoid complicated totems, and focus hanging lamps and lanterns should create visual focus

small spaces should avoid complicated totems or excessive decorations, but too light "natural flavor" is there, but it is rather monotonous. Because of the nature of lighting, lamps and lanterns themselves are visual focus, and multiple surrounding indoor light sources have long been transformed into a modern concept with a central main lamp as the main axis. Focus chandeliers are actually an easy way to quickly create visual focus

6 paint color walls to create a three-dimensional sense of vision

paint is the most effective material to change the home atmosphere. Most people think that the small space area is relatively limited, and the wall must be whitewashed to have the effect of space expansion. In fact, if the color of color walls is properly selected, it can make a sense of depth and enlarge the visual effect of space. Take a rectangular space as an example. If the wall in the distance is painted with a darker color, the length of the space can be reduced and the space can be arranged more square. In addition, do not use too many cloth decorations, too many colorful wallpapers, table towels in a small space, which will be tired and expensive




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