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Nowadays, as long as the house is decorated, the replacement doors and windows are usually selected. When will the owner who is preparing to decorate the house choose to order the doors and windows? Guanhao hereby advocates for us that we should book the doors and windows in advance. Because the doors and windows are customized products, there is a processing and manufacturing process in the factory. Usually, we should contact the door-to-door measurement planning of the door and window manufacturers before the preparation of the house decoration. Maybe we should let the factory measure the doors and windows after the old furniture and tiles are removed from the house. Remember not to let the manufacturers measure the doors and windows after the water and electricity are changed, which will delay the decoration time

after the window booking time, when will the window be installed? Usually, doors and windows have a manufacturing process of 10-15 days in the manufacturer, and the installation time is best to finish before tiling and puttying. Why do you choose to replace doors and windows when decorating a house

1. Mismatching decoration: for example, if your windows have not been changed, everything in your home is brand new, and the only window is still old. No matter how well decorated, the level and grade of decoration will be greatly reduced due to the old windows, and the old windows will make you feel unmatched

2. Late replacement is troublesome: even if the doors and windows are not replaced during decoration, if you feel that the old windows are not easy to use within 1-2 years after decoration and want to replace the new doors and windows, it is difficult to replace the doors and windows in the later stage. Removing the old windows will inevitably putty and paint the original wall, and the ceramic tiles will be more or less damaged, so the replacement doors and windows are usually selected for decorating the house, which will not save money in the door and window link, For example, furniture and household appliances can be purchased after selection, and the money saved can be used to replace doors and windows. Furniture and household appliances can be gradually added to the home in the later stage

it is best to choose the energy-saving and environment-friendly doors and windows in the main stream - broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Together, we should recognize the domestic well-known brand broken bridge aluminum. The brands of broken bridge aluminum are different, and the prices vary greatly. We also need to consult about hardware, gauze, accessories, etc. Finally, Guanhao Xiaobian wishes us a happy decoration




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