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Solid wood flooring is deeply liked by consumers because of its high quality and high fashion advantages. Whether it can ensure the long-term use of solid wood flooring is also a problem that consumers often pay attention to. The service life of the floor mainly depends on the maintenance of the floor, but it also needs purposeful maintenance to achieve better results. Here are some practical and effective solid wood flooring maintenance methods recommended by Sanshan flooring

1. Anti corrosion and insect prevention maintenance of solid wood flooring

in fact, the current level of wood treatment is very high. High quality solid wood flooring must undergo anti-corrosion treatment in the production process, and has been treated with pests and wood rot fungi. In addition to the extremely poor solid wood floor, it is not easy to rot. Generally, insect prevention is mainly termite prevention. Now the solid wood floor is generally dried at high temperature, so the possibility of termites is relatively low, but it is easy to get infected with pests in the process of storage and transportation. When installing the floor, you should pay attention to check whether there are termites in the surrounding environment, especially in old houses, walls, doors and windows. If termites are found, some effective measures can be taken in time, such as spraying some low toxic and efficient pesticides on the plywood and wood brace used

2. Moisture proof maintenance of solid wood floor

moisture proof of solid wood floor mainly includes two aspects: one is moisture-proof treatment during pavement, and the other is moisture-proof during normal use. When paving the wooden floor, you should pay attention to every small detail. You need to lay a moisture-proof film and apply moisture-proof oil. Remember not to use wet plywood and wood brace. Floor tiles or stones can be paved on the floor at the entrance of the kitchen and toilet as a transition, so as to prevent moisture from being brought into the floor when entering and leaving, and reduce the degree of moisture on the floor near the water source entrance

3. Antifouling maintenance of solid wood floor

for the cleaning of solid wood floor, generally do not use too wet mop to mop the floor. After dragging, turn on the door and window fan to dry the floor as soon as possible. If there are stains on the solid wood floor, generally wipe it with a cloth dipped in water, and try not to use various cleaners and other supplies. Avoid that the solvent used in the cleaner is different, and improper use will cause the solvent to react with the paint on the floor, causing damage to the wooden floor. It is not allowed to clean the floor with corrosive cleaning agents such as acid, alkali or bleach




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