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The ultimate intention of the company is to make profits, which can be said to be the same for all companies. In the process of completing this intention, during the period of the existing shopping malls, most sunshine real estate enterprises can't sell their own goods directly, and the agent plays a major role

it is an indisputable fact that sunshine real estate enterprises need to sell their own goods to maximize sales, and agents need to make profits from the goods of the agency company. However, in the actual operation, not all manufacturers cooperate very smoothly. The connection between the two is always full of thorns, bumps, and even opposites. After a short honeymoon period, questions came one after another. The manufacturer was annoyed and the agent was dissatisfied. However, the reality of shopping malls makes it difficult for each other to ride a tiger, and sometimes they still need to face. Therefore, the discussion and Discussion on the relationship between manufacturers and agents is very important:

the questions and opposites between the two

the commodity demand of sunshine Housing enterprises is excellent. The advantages of agents outweigh the disadvantages, and agents have to make profits by acting to promote the products of manufacturers. The original two should hit it off, but why do they present such opposites

the manufacturer starts from the perspective of promoting the sale of its own goods and all shopping malls. It can't consider all agents. Agents also have the intention of winning. Once there is a temporary situation of not making money or making small profits, they may lose their business determination to the products they are acting for, and their loyalty to the manufacturer's cooperation will be reduced, resulting in cracks and even confrontation in mutual cooperation

agents cannot be satisfied with the distribution of agency rights. Some manufacturers made many promises to the agents during the development of the mall, but the mall could not fulfill its promises when it was mature, which led to the dissatisfaction of the agents. The agents generally acted on multiple commodities of multiple companies together, and could not fully invest in a certain commodity. At this moment, the manufacturers were dissatisfied, blaming their poor cooperation, resulting in the deterioration of contacts

handling measures and means

sunshine house manufacturers should really safeguard the legitimate and reasonable interests of agents from the perspective of "big shopping malls" and the overall situation, and the promises should be fulfilled on schedule as long as they are reasonable

agents of sunshine house should properly carry out their cooperation according to their own strength. If they cooperate, they should cooperate with the store operation of the manufacturer, and do not cut off "financial resources" for the sake of temporary low profits. They should know that as long as the goods are sold well, both parties will have benefits

Guanhao doors and windows believes that the manufacturer of sunshine house has the responsibility to improve the essence of business personnel, improve the restriction mechanism, and handle the agent rationally and comprehensively





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