Cohen Electric Co., Ltd. started the linkage war i

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The first battle of the national provincial linkage of Cohen electric started in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. After two days and one night of professional training, all distributors of Cohen electric Hunan station actively interacted and fought with high morale. Show confidence in your own strength and enough confidence in completing the activity goals. Claim the target, PK promise... Everyone is ready to go, unite as one, attack in a group, and the activity is in full swing in Hunan. As of the 13th, the charming Hunan army has received frequent good news

it is reported that through this provincial linkage activity, the strength of the dealer team participating in the activity has been comprehensively improved. From store layout to sales scripts to product knowledge training have been well armed. During the event, the market supervision elites of Cohen appliances shuttled through various battle areas, from the arrangement of exclusive stores to the sales process and then to the product knowledge training, with one-on-one service in every detail. The atmosphere inside and outside the exclusive stores in the war zones is full, and the store salesperson is also moving, really changing from sitting sales to marketing. Every day, through the morning meeting and evening meeting system, he combs the work arrangement of each link, running in the community, going out to sweep the building, inviting by phone, receiving customers and so on. During the event, good news came frequently every day, which greatly encouraged the enthusiasm and confidence of the team and laid a solid foundation for the success of the event

the implementation of the national and provincial linkage activities of Cohen appliances has made end customers fully feel the preferential policies of Cohen appliances' "crazy benefit" linkage in Hunan Province, attracting the attention and purchase of many customers. It not only brings tangible benefits to consumers, but also greatly encourages the enthusiasm and confidence of salespersons. It also sets a good example for the launch of Cohen's nationwide crazy benefit activities in October, and looks forward to the frequent good news from Cohen's family in the front line of the country




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