How to distinguish the quality of electric door

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Editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

with the vigorous development of economy and the rapid change of science and technology, electric doors can be said to have popularized the doors of factories in today's society. However, in this difficult quality problem, how should we choose the electric door with qualified quality? How to distinguish the quality of electric doors

first of all, the high-quality electric door has high sunscreen ability, can experience wind and rain for a long time, and the aging speed is slow. And the appearance should have a complete section, the appearance should be smooth and nondestructive, and the inner wall should be straight

secondly, Ronggao electric door profile has a thick wall. There will be no bubbles, crushing, cracks, etc. on the profile. The selected hardware shall be made of metal, and its internal strength, appearance and quality shall be durable

finally, Ronggao electric door has superior technology, with firm, neat and beautiful welding corners

Ronggao electric door meets the development needs of the market and attracts the attention of thousands of consumers from the aspects of profile quality, component quality, process and so on. Ronggao electric door, you deserve it

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