Refuse to be depressed and drive away the bad feng

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“ Depression ” This disease is very familiar to most urban people. Many people who are busy with their work are imperceptibly affected by this psychological disease after years of emotional backlog, but they do not know it. Depression is not difficult to treat. In addition to necessary drug treatment, the most important thing is the care of family members and the improvement of living environment and living environment. Today, Xiaobian will provide some suggestions and methods to make you feel better every day, drive away negative energy and bid farewell to depression

home feng shui to alleviate melancholy

1 The light in the house should be bright

the light in the house and bedroom should not be too dark. Too dark light will make people lack vitality, and it is easy to have more negative emotions and thoughts

2. Indoor air should be circulated

indoor air should be circulated, windows should be properly opened to let the air circulate, the light is bright, and people are naturally refreshed. You can also use a good air purifier to make the air cleaner

3. The color of the wall should be soft.

the color of the wall of the home, especially the wall of the bedroom, and the choice of the color of the bed sheet and quilt, should not be too biased towards the cold color system, which will make people more worried. Generally speaking, beige or beige is appropriate

4. The house should not be deserted

there are few people in the house, or they are often at home alone, with fewer chatting objects, they are easy to feel lonely, and they also prefer to fantasize

5. Some vitality can be added in the house

placing one or two kinds of green plants, flower arrangements, small fish tanks or adopting pets in the house can make the house more lively (vivid) and green, which can make you feel happy every day

6. The choice of bedroom orientation

choose a suitable orientation (measured at the center of the house) from the seat of the house as the bedroom, which helps to reduce troubles. (the apartment is dominated by the “ unit ” in which you live) the bedroom should be located in the "North" of the house from east to west

sitting in a house from west to East, the bedroom should be located in the "northwest"

if you sit in a house from south to north, your bedroom should be in the "Southeast"

if you sit in a house from north to south, your bedroom should be in the "East"

if you sit in a house from southeast to northwest, your bedroom should be in the "south"

for a house from northeast to southwest, the bedroom should be in the room connecting to the center of the house

if you sit in a house from southwest to northeast, your bedroom should be in the "southwest" position

sitting in a house from northwest to Southeast, the bedroom should be located in the "West"




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