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The perfect premium from product to service for taipuai gearbox maintenance project

the perfect premium from product to service for taipuai gearbox maintenance project

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nowadays, the market demand of the entire lubricating oil industry has changed. In the past, dealers' demand for manufacturers was only product demand, but now it is not only the product itself, but also the demand for services is becoming more and more obvious. How to solve the pain points of dealers and how to improve the service quality of manufacturers have become the long-term development goals of lubricant enterprises

in recent years, the trillion car aftermarket has been booming. With the increasingly fierce competition, it has become a new trend to seek value-added projects by issuing the notice on matters related to fire control supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings (Document No. 350) issued by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security. "Gearbox maintenance" and other value-added projects are gradually emerging and have great potential for comprehensive promotion. However, many enterprises still have some shortcomings and pain points in terms of landing professional services

standardized service of special team

in order to improve the professional understanding of the partners on the gearbox maintenance project, taipuai has carefully built an excellent service team, including transmission hardware experts, transmission oil experts, marketing and training experts and other outstanding talents. Through perfect training and support policies, standardized services are realized. With brand-new materials and technologists, tewintrong can provide partners with professional technical problems such as common gearbox troubleshooting and gearbox maintenance troubleshooting; Transmission oil experts can popularize transmission knowledge, transmission oil knowledge and transmission maintenance knowledge for partners, and provide relevant technical support such as transmission maintenance risk assessment, transmission model and special oil comparison table, dynamic oil change operation, etc; Marketing and training experts will analyze the existing business model and project profitability of partners, provide partners with multiple trainings such as operation management and profitability improvement, project operation management and process, project reception ability, project sales skills and practice, organization of special activity scheme, application of project manual, and help partners establish a tracking and feedback system for operating project profitability, Make partners professional operation managers

marketing policy soft service support

in order to help partners quickly complete the regional promotion of gearbox projects, tapai has specially customized all-round online and offline promotion support, including online instant messaging service, offline marketing support, design support, etc., to create an ultimate service brand based on users. That is to say, in terms of communication among colleagues, the taipuai gearbox maintenance project liberates the manpower of partners by means of 24-hour online communication with officials, oil selection assistants, etc., and responds to users' oil demand and technical consultation in an all-round way; In terms of marketing support, taipuai gearbox maintenance project is equipped with a special vehicle for market service to ensure that the service team can quickly reach the market, and expand the regional market for partners and increase brand influence through conference marketing, theoretical training, road shows, practical exercises, etc; In terms of design, taipuai gearbox maintenance project can provide partners with a number of design support, such as store decoration, outdoor promotion, project display boards, etc., to help partners improve the image of stores

at present, taipuai transmission maintenance project also provides automatic transmission oil product manual, quick reference manual, user service file and owner service manual in terms of service, providing fast and practical service support and intimate integrated maintenance scheme for partners and users

2018 will be a small peak in the recycling of automotive power batteries

the taipuai gearbox maintenance project is that both partners and terminals are profitable, while consumers are satisfied. Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, said: "the competition between enterprises today is not the competition between products, but the competition between business models." The service mode of taipuai gearbox maintenance project can help partners establish a sound consumption ecological chain. Even in the stage of product homogenization, it can also ensure the profit point of the store - the brand premium and added value after the standardization of store operation and service mode

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