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Kodak CEO Peng Anton will officially step down in the fall of next year

keyin news: it was reported on July 31, 2013 us time that Eastman can achieve excellent parison forming performance and consistent activity characteristics. The current CEO of Kodak, Antonio Perez, will officially step down as CEO in the fall of 2014 after accompanying Kodak through the most difficult period in history

Kodak, based in Rochester, USA, officially announced the news on the evening of July 31 local time, but did not disclose the relevant information about who will succeed as the next CEO. Peng Anton will serve as a consultant for Kodak for two years after he officially leaves office

in a statement, Kodak said that after applying for bankruptcy protection, Peng Anton and the management team have always been at the helm of the company and made great contributions to the successful implementation of restructuring and transformation of the company. Kodak is expected to formally leave bankruptcy protection in September. Kodak has put forward the transformation strategy since 2003, and formally applied for bankruptcy protection to the US court in January 2012

in addition to Peng Anton, the top management of Kodak also includes:

d lead screw wards, who continues to serve as president of digital printing and enterprise department

uchten, President of graphic, entertainment and commercial film department

ber, Chief Technical Executive Officer

muels, chief financial officer

eller, and general consultant

Peng Anton has been in charge of Kodak since 2005, Later, Kodak actively promoted Kodak's transformation to digital and made great achievements. In that year, Kodak's digital business surpassed the traditional film business for the first time

background information of antonioperez

born in Spain, antonioperez rez was educated in Spain and France and holds a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from the University of Madrid

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Peng Anton joined Kodak as president and chief operating officer on April 2, 2003. His responsibilities include managing most of Kodak's daily business operations, including digital and film imaging systems, commercial printing, display and components, medical imaging, commercial imaging, global production and logistics, global marketing, research and development, Kodak operating systems and business activities in major international regions. He reported to Mr. dengkaida, chairman and CEO of Kodak

Mr. penganton has extensive experience in the field of digital imaging technology. He worked for HP for 25 years. Before leaving, he served as vice president and executive committee member of the company. He served as president of HP's consumer business, responsible for the digital consumables solutions department and corporate level marketing. During this period, he led HP to establish a digital imaging and electronic publishing business, and was fully responsible for all business activities related to the comprehensive customer experience in the consumer market. This work involves a consumer product line with global sales of more than US $16billion. Mr. penganton is also responsible for HP's OEM production, distribution, marketing, order management, support and service, as well as the global retail sales team

before assuming the above positions, Mr. penganton also served as president and CEO of HP inkjet printing business. During the five years when Mr. Peng Anton led this business, the total number of inkjet printers installed worldwide increased from 17million to 100million, with a total sales volume of more than 10billion US dollars

during his tenure at Hewlett Packard, Mr. penganton held various positions in Europe and the United States, including R & D, sales, production, marketing and management

before joining Kodak, Mr. penganton served as an independent consultant for large investment companies, providing advice on the impact of technological change on the financial market

from June 2000 to December 2001, Mr. penganton served as president and CEO of Gemplus international smart card company, and led the company to be listed in Paris and Nasdaq stock markets in December 2000. During his tenure at Gemplus, he transformed the company into a leading provider of smart card solutions in the fast-growing wireless and financial markets. In the first fiscal year, Gemplus's operating revenue increased by 70%, from $700million to $1.2 billion

Mr. penganton also served as the chairman of the board of directors of previo company (formerly known as stac software company) and the director of adobe system software company

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