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Pengjunhong, shield machine "heart" physiotherapist: increase innovation to produce more fist products

shield machine "heart" physiotherapist pengjunhong: increase innovation to produce more fist products

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China railway equipment is a good player in R & D and manufacturing of shield machines. In the past 20 years, from made in China to created in China, from introducing foreign advanced technology to independent research and development, from speed to quality, leapfrog development and accelerated progress. Among them, those who continuously make important contributions are the technical experts who have dedicated their youth. They actively display the spirit of craftsman, treat the shield machine like a child, cultivate its continuous growth, and eliminate the problems encountered on the road. Pengjunhong is one of them

pengjunhong: keep in mind the instructions to increase innovation and produce more fist products.

pengjunhong said that due to the complex shield manufacturing process and high technical added value, the infiltrating agent in the glass fiber will gradually fail due to long-term storage and affect its due performance. It is monopolized by a few developed countries such as Germany, France and Japan, with a difference of about 12 orders of magnitude. At one time, the "foreign shield" occupied more than 95% of China's market. In the 1990s, China imported two shield machines from Germany, which was not only expensive, but also the shield machine manufacturer blocked the key technologies. All these deeply hurt the first generation of China railway equipment workers who were born in tunnel construction. "We must build our own shield for the Chinese people", and they only need to pay a certain sewage treatment fee as their goal

pengjunhong at work

"With the settlement of the National Grand Strategy in Henan, we can solve the long-standing outstanding contradictions and problems in the development of manufacturing industry in our province, such as extensive growth mode, low industrial level, serious environmental pollution, low quality and efficiency; we can also explore experience for the old industrial bases to accelerate the transformation of old and new power to rejuvenate; we can set an example for cultivating regional growth of manufacturing industry; we can provide a model for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in the central and western regions; and we can also strengthen internal Exploring the mode for the mainland manufacturing industry to participate in international cooperation. " Pengjunhong said that our own shield machine is hard won, so we should cherish it and constantly improve the technology to make the shield machine better serve mankind

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