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Factory automation, perfect automation -- Interview with suzhiqin, manager of Shenzhen Office of Liquan international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

in the field of factory automation, the factory automation motor and electronic products represented by Yaoyi enterprise have always been favored by users. To correct the reason, Yaoyi not only provides various products required by domestic manufacturers, but also introduces foreign advanced technology to assist customers in system planning, consultation, technical support and problem solving, rather than simply trading. In 2006, the mainland branch of Yaoyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Liquan International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with the incomparable advantages of the old hydraulic universal testing machine

at the 10th South China Automation Exhibition, the booth of Liquan international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was very eye-catching, and the front of the booth was also crowded. Zhonghua industrial control visited its booth, interviewed Mr. suzhiqin, manager of the Shenzhen Office of Liquan international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and talked about the products and market plans represented by Liquan international

according to manager Su, the predecessor of Liquan International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was the mainland branch of Yaoyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. in order to better carry out its business in the mainland and provide better services to customers, this year the company changed its name to Liquan International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and gradually established a perfect organizational structure. The company acts as a first-class agent for Japanese Pro face human-computer interface products, such as GP2000 series. In addition, the company is also the agent of Dongyuan Jingdian's servo motor and drive, stepping motor and drive, Mitsubishi frequency converter and PLC, Japan's vision system, Yaskawa's frequency converter and servo motor, Omron's PLC and sensor, and the power supply and other products of Hequan electric company and Mingwei company. The products that can be provided are basically the main products of internationally renowned manufacturers. And every year, advanced products are launched to meet the needs of the industry

as an agent, it can be said that it is a link between manufacturers and end users. Then, what are the advantages of Liquan international, which focuses on Pro face human-computer interface products, in terms of product services? What are the interaction plans with users to play its role as a link? Manager Su explained to us that, first of all, pro face products are very good in both quality and stability. They are widely welcomed by users and are the leading products in the industry. Secondly, Liquan international has participated in the research and development of Pro face products it is acting for. It has a good understanding of the core technologies and characteristics of the products. Combined with the experience and strength of Liquan international in this industry, it can provide customers with the most professional services and solutions, and assist customers in system planning, consulting, technical support and problem solving. Liquan international is not just a pure trading industry, but also focuses on creating professional and high-performance agency products to create maximum value for customers. In terms of interaction with customers, Liquan international has set up a training course in Guangzhou. It can be determined that only the relocation system training course will be held every week. Technical experts and engineers will be specially invited to explain the technical training for many users and answer the problems encountered by users. Any user who is interested in this and whose indoor temperature is between 210 ° C and 10 ° C can participate in this training. In this way, a good communication platform has been set up between manufacturers and users, and the understanding between both sides has been promoted

in terms of market promotion, Liquan international, which mainly faces end users directly, has not participated in many exhibitions. It participated in the Taiwan Trade Fair in early April, and now it has participated in this exhibition. In the future, manufacturers that may be affiliated with its products may selectively participate in other exhibitions. When the company further understands the Chinese market, the company will strengthen market promotion, let more users know Liquan international, and create more value for customers at the same time

"factory automation is the trend of the world. It combines the fields of motor, electronics, information, road, machinery, etc., and uses various most advanced technologies, such as communication, road, etc., to achieve the perfect state of automation". There is a sentence in the introduction of Yaoyi enterprise, from which we can easily understand the determination and confidence of Liquan international to serve the industry. At the same time, we also look forward to the better tomorrow of Liquan international

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