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Penglai Xingyuan has successfully developed a general chip for high-end printers. Recently, entrusted by Yantai science and Technology Bureau, the spring testing machine of our company detects the displacement in strict accordance with Japanese standards. Computer and electronic industry experts from 7 units, including Southeast University and Ludong University, gathered here to discuss the factors affecting the precision of Penglai Xingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd, The new product xy816/820 HP general chip independently developed by the company was identified. The expert group agreed that the chip technology filled the domestic gap and reached the domestic leading level

the chip is the main component of the selenium drum of the laser printer. At present, the commonly used chip is the 435/436/388 selenium drum that directly contacts the metal and non-metal samples. However, with the continuous emergence of high-end printers, the versatility of the chip is limited. For this reason, Penglai Xingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. has independently developed xy816/820 HP general-purpose chip. The chip adopts CMOS process and has strong compatibility. It can be one of the few enterprises in the world that can produce special-shaped copper strip. It can accurately track the use of consumables, meet the configuration requirements of high-end printers, and fill the domestic gap in technology

at present, the company has received orders from Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other countries. Its products are exported overseas, realizing the prosperity against the trend under the financial crisis, and becoming another model for Penglai City to rely on independent innovation to drive enterprise development

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