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Perfect solution for battery monitoring

with the rapid development of communication, power, ups and other industries in China, the consumption of battery is also increasing rapidly. With regard to the current service conditions of our batteries, some unexpected situations often occur, such as the seemingly normal batteries fail to discharge electricity when discharged. The main reason for this situation is that the running state of the battery has not been effectively monitored, which leads to the failure of one or more batteries in the battery pack and the failure to sort out these changes in time, which leads to the failure of the whole battery pack to discharge normally

as the last guarantee measure for safe uninterrupted power supply, battery is also the most unsafe factor in the uninterrupted power supply system. From the system theory, we know that the security degree of the system depends on the most unsafe factor in the system, that is, the "barrel theory" we often quote

according to the operation mechanism and failure mode of battery, relevant domestic standards have been issued to install necessary devices for battery monitoring in DC power supply occasions, such as voltage inspection instrument. However, according to the working conditions of the backup battery, it may not discharge for a long time. During the two periodic check discharge tests, it may also fail, and the terminal voltage of the battery is completely normal. As shown in the following figure (IEEE):

it can be seen that only detecting the voltage is not enough, and it is easy to mislead the user to use the bad battery as a good battery, which is quite harmful

in addition to monitoring voltage, is there any good way to more effectively monitor the state of the battery? Let the testing machine carry out the tensile, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the metal tensile sample at the speed specified in gbt228 standard, and give an early warning signal when the battery performance drops to a certain extent, so that we can replace or specially maintain the battery before the battery fails, So as to avoid catastrophic power failure. Of course, the answer is yes. By measuring the internal resistance of the battery, the deterioration degree of the battery can be effectively predicted, that is, the health state SOH (status of Health) of the battery can be accurately monitored. As shown in the following figure:

the Yellow trend line shows that the internal resistance of the battery rises sharply from October to November. "Mr. Bakker finally stressed that the state of the battery has been seriously degraded due to various reasons. It is confirmed that the battery has indeed failed through the discharge of the battery

lem has developed sentinel, an intelligent battery sensor with the smallest volume and highly integrated functions in the world, which can accurately measure the internal resistance, temperature, voltage and other parameters of a single battery. As shown in the figure:

the product has the following main features:

1 Do not touch the voltage 1.2v-12v casually by the operator of measuring electric test, with the accuracy of 0.25%

2 Temperature error, 0.5

3 The measurement repeatability of internal resistance is 2%

4 All connectors are used for quick installation

5 Under power saving mode

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