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PepsiCo accelerates the construction of bottle filling plants in China by the end of this year, another bottle filling plants will be set up in China. Yesterday, Zhanjiang PepsiCo Beverage Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation in Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. So far, PepsiCo China has reached 16 bottle filling plants that are responsible for him or her in China and for Jinan trial fund. Zhuhuaxu, President of PepsiCo Greater China, said at the opening ceremony in Zhanjiang that PepsiCo will accelerate its pace and start a bottle filling plant in China at the end of the year

It is reported that the establishment of Zhanjiang plant will independently undertake the production and sales of Pepsi products in Zhanjiang, Maoming, Hainan and other regions. Zhuhuaxu said that the plant with a total investment of 65million yuan, covering 58000 square meters, will build a pet/glass bottle mixed production line with an annual output of 50000 tons of carbonated beverages. The completion of the plant is intended to promote Pepsi products in western Guangdong, Hainan and other markets, and can also effectively reduce the production pressure of Pepsi Guangzhou bottle filling plant

individual products can be sold for more than 10million yuan. Guangdong is located in the subtropical region, and consumers have great demand for beverages. Moreover, Zhanjiang has always been a must for beverage manufacturers and one of the regions with the fastest growth of Pepsi's market share, growing at a rate of 88% every year. However, for a long time, product transportation and distribution have become a hindrance to the development of Zhanjiang Pepsi. The completion of Zhanjiang Pepsi can effectively reduce the transportation cost of products, optimize the distribution system, make products better penetrate the second and third tier markets, and enhance the competitiveness of Pepsi products in western Guangdong

it is still in the stage of strategic investment

zhuhuaxu revealed that by the end of this year, PepsiCo will have another bottling plant in China, of which one has started construction, one is about to start construction, and two are waiting for the approval of the local government. However, he said that one company might "settle down" in Chengdu

compared with the 29 filling plants of Coca Cola, the main competitor, Pepsi Cola, although still a certain distance away, has significantly accelerated its development compared with the speed of a new plant in the past year

however, zhuhuaxu still defined PepsiCo's business in China as an investment development stage. "The future success of Pepsi depends on its success in China." He said that after five years, the sales volume in China will reach the sales volume in Asia today

the rural market started quietly

for the rural composite polyurethane adhesive enterprises that the industry has begun to pay attention to, it has provided a very beneficial policy environment for the village market. Zhuhuaxu said that in fact, PepsiCo has quietly started this future market focus a few years ago. "We have entered the rural market, but we have deliberately maintained a low-key attitude." Zhuhuaxu revealed that PepsiCo is still focusing on how to test the urban rupture strength test machine, but it is not abandoning the rural areas. Some rural areas are already rich, and the actual income begins to rise. For example, in terms of glass bottles used in the rural market, PepsiCo's packaging proportion has been close to 10%, while that of its main competitors is less than 5%. "

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