Leading the development of modern agriculture with

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Leading the development of modern agriculture with the mechanization of science and technology

recently, in a watered field in Zhongchuan village, Minle Township, Yongdeng County, people gathered and agricultural machinery roared. The drone flew into the land of ordinary people and sprayed pesticides back and forth, attracting the surprised eyes of everyone at the scene. The planter drives into the farmyard to complete potato planting at one time, making everyone feel the convenience and rapidity brought by modern agricultural machinery. Yongdeng County held a demonstration meeting of potato mechanization technology in Zhongchuan village, Minle township. Potato growers from Yongdeng County and nearby villagers participated in this unique demonstration meeting. (for relevant reports, see May 8, Lanzhou, 3rd Edition)

none. 1 Jinan experimental machine should be placed on a solid foundation. A qualitative human-machine should participate in agricultural work in the field, which was unthinkable before. After all, in people's impression, science and technology, innovation are synonymous with high-end, "facing the Loess and facing the sky" is the old impression of agriculture in people's hearts. But in fact, agriculture is the foundation of our national economy, and to realize agricultural modernization, we must make science and technology the supporting factor

agriculture 2. Receiving science and technology is an important part of agricultural modernization. Agricultural machinery, especially the "high-tech" machinery owner's unparalleled power, sustainability and accuracy, has made a qualitative improvement in agricultural production efficiency. At the same time, the promotion of mechanization can also realize the scale and industrialization of grain production. In the past, families worked purely with their hands, which could only be a self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy. When mechanization was widely promoted and applied, small fields of families could be connected into a vast area, and hundreds of acres of land were planted with the same crop, which formed a scale advantage. Whether it was sales or deep processing, it was bound to bring more benefits than fighting alone

to grasp the new concept of agricultural science and technology in a timely and comprehensive manner is to grasp the development trend of agricultural industrialization. Persistently promoting the development and application of mechanization will greatly promote the development of rural modernization and enhance the scientific and technological content of agricultural productivity. As long as our vision is broader and more strategic, the pace of agricultural modernization will be more orderly and down-to-earth

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