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Leading the trend of fashion home decoration and looking at the use of glass in home decoration

with the continuous renovation of home decoration trends, young people who have been catching up with fashion recently like to add glass elements to home decoration, from the glass porch at the entrance, to the glass floor tiles in the living room, and then to the glass toilet in the master bedroom. Glass plays an increasingly important role in home decoration. So in Feng Shui, what kind of metaphysical significance does glass have? What kind of glass feng shui will make you clear and unstable, and your EQ will become low

pattern 1 it is not suitable for some families to break down the wall between the bedroom and the living room and replace it with a glass wall, believing that this is conducive to expanding the sense of space. Professor yechunsheng, vice president of the China Folklore Society and professor of Sun Yat sen University, said that glass has a kind of dark light, which is not suitable for equipment idling for more than 1 week anywhere, and more attention should be paid to it at home. Like the glass partition between the living room and the bedroom, because it can be seen at a glance, it will disturb people's thoughts, so it is not suitable

in terms of Feng Shui, the living room is the area for guests' activities, which belongs to Yang, while the bedroom is the place for the host to rest, which belongs to Yin. If you use a glass wall, it becomes a pattern of looking through at one eye. Every move of the host and guest in the hall has a panoramic view, and there is no privacy. The specific requirements are as follows: Yin and yang imbalance is formed, which makes people emotionally unstable and mentally trance

pattern 2 glass toilet indecent some young couples have just married and like to change the bathroom in the master bedroom into a glass toilet, believing that this can increase interest. For this pattern, ye Jiao will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry. He said that although this design is acceptable to some young people, it is also not suitable from the perspective of Feng Shui, because the toilet is a place with evil spirit anyway, which belongs to Yin and should be hidden, so solid walls should be used instead of transparent glass walls

pattern 3 glass floor tiles are unstable. In the design of some luxury Western-style houses or duplex villas, some will use glass floor tiles as decoration, that is, lay glass floor tiles on the ground in the hall or room, and make patterns in them for decoration. Professor Ye said that because the glass is transparent, it can't give people a "down-to-earth" feeling, so it will make people lack a sense of security. The floor in the hall or room must be stable, so glass floor tiles are not suitable for use at home

pattern 4 glass wall decoration can't be opposite to bed glass wall decoration is also a decorative technique that designers like to use recently. On the one hand, it can enlarge the sense of space of the house, and on the other hand, it is rich in changes, which often surprises people. Professor Ye believes that glass wall decoration is acceptable, but one principle is not suitable for beds. In addition, the glass wall decoration must be placed against the solid wall, which will not make the space unclear. Professor Ye finally said that in short, the glass decoration in the home should not be too much. How to use it specifically, different room structures have different opinions

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