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Guide mainstream equipment to build new packaging machinery

with the development of society, the prosperity of commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards, especially the performance of high-end products is not stable and reliable. Almost all goods cannot be separated from packaging. The packaging industry has become a popular industry in the market at present, which is widely concerned by people and closely related to our lives. The development of packaging industry has also driven the development of packaging machinery and equipment related to it. It also needs packaging machinery and equipment to be highly innovative to adapt to its development

in recent years, the state has also increased the supervision of the packaging industry, and has new requirements for the introduction of high-frequency fatigue testing machine products for packaging technology. Some packaging equipment manufacturers have also increased the investment in packaging machinery and technological innovation, but China's packaging machinery technology is obviously insufficient compared with the shortcomings of the metal interior in developed countries, Many enterprises are still at a low level, causing disorder and chaos in China's packaging machinery market and hindering the healthy development of the industry. Low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, backward product shape, rough appearance, and low service life of basic parts and supporting parts are the common status quo of most packaging machinery in China, as well as the gap between domestic packaging equipment and technology

throughout China's packaging market, he also visited domestic high-speed rail projects and related enterprises. The packaging machinery industry has a lot of room for development, and enterprises need to constantly find gaps, learn new technologies, and produce packaging equipment with high speed, high automation, good reliability, strong flexibility and high technical content. Using new technologies or integrating other advanced technologies into the traditional machinery manufacturing technology to create a new type of packaging machinery, and the packaging machinery is developing in the direction of integration, automation, intelligence, flexibility and so on

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