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The leading talent working group of the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology came to Beijing holly valve industry for research

on September 11, 2020, Liu Yang, Lu Shutao, Zhang Zhen and other leaders, deputy directors of 332 architectural engineering facing bricks of the leading talent working Office of the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, came to Beijing holly group for research. Li Hushan, chairman of Beijing holly group, and pangshijun, executive deputy general manager, As we all know, the vice president of Huaji industry will be troublesome when installing large-scale equipment. Li Sijiang accompanied the investigation. On the spot

on September 11, 2020, the total demand for plastic pipes in the leading talent work office of the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology will continue to grow. Leaders such as Liu Yang, Lu Shutao and Zhang Zhen, deputy directors of the office, visited Beijing holly group for investigation, accompanied by Li Hushan, chairman of Beijing holly group, pangshijun, executive deputy general manager, and Li Sijiang, deputy general manager of Huaji industry

field research

during the research process, pangshijun, executive deputy general manager of Beijing holly group, reported the development of holly in the field of industrial services to deputy director Liu Yang and other leaders. He said that the industrial service platform built by Holly is a comprehensive system that provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation guided by new development concepts, driven by technological innovation, and based on information networks, Maximize the sharing of resources, and realize professional industrial safety production, energy conservation and emission reduction technical support and operation and maintenance services through real-time industrial IOT

deputy director Liu Yang and his party visited the new infrastructure exhibition hall and product exhibition hall of Huaji industry 5g, and had an in-depth understanding of the new infrastructure and new technology hardware. Li Sijiang, deputy general manager of Huaji industry, reported on the development of the new infrastructure. He stressed that the changes triggered by the development of high technology with 5g as the core involve new energy, big data centers, industrial interconnection and many other fields, supporting the new development direction of China's digital economy

hold a discussion

during the investigation, the leaders of the Talent Exchange Center Office of the Ministry of industry and information technology had an in-depth discussion and communication with Beijing Haoli group. At the symposium, Li Hushan, chairman of Beijing holly group, first expressed his gratitude for the support of the Ministry of industry and information technology for leading talent enterprises, and reported the specific situation of epidemic prevention and control and development status of enterprises to the participating leaders

during the epidemic, Beijing holly Group actively fulfilled the social responsibility, actively proposed to participate in volunteer service work with the mission spirit of never forgetting the original intention, and publicized anti epidemic protection matters to the company's employees and business partners while organizing the resumption of production. With the unremitting efforts of all staff, Beijing holly Group donated many batches of engineering materials and daily necessities to Xiaotangshan Hospital, effectively ensuring the completion of the emergency expansion project of Xiaotangshan Hospital on schedule

chairman Li Hushan said that the innovative development of the enterprise benefited from the strong support of the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology. As a leading talent enterprise, Beijing holly group will continue to actively play a leading role and make further achievements in 5g, industrial IOT and other fields. At the same time, he sincerely hopes that all leaders will give more guidance in the future development of the enterprise, especially in extraordinary times, they can give more support and help to the enterprise

deputy director Zhang Zhen introduced in detail the overall development of the current leading talent project and the promotion of specific matters. She gave great hope to the leading talent enterprises. She pointed out that the era of sharing economy needs to develop together, and hoped that the leading enterprises can actively participate in projects and training, actively unite, strengthen contacts and make common progress

Lu Shutao, deputy director of the office, learned about the development of holly 5g technology, industrial IOT, big data, intelligent AI and other fields in detail, and fully affirmed the actual cases and achievements

At the end of the meeting, Liu Yang, deputy director of the leading talent work office, delivered a concluding speech. He fully affirmed and highly praised the innovative measures of Beijing Haoli group in the leading talent project and its contribution during the epidemic period, and put forward suggestions on the future development of enterprises and talent training. He said that for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, In the next step, the leading talent work conference will launch innovative projects and give key support and assistance. In the future, the Ministry of industry and information technology will give more strong support to China's manufacturing industry, especially leading talent enterprises

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