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Leading the rise of domestic high-end chassis pump trucks, Zoomlion shandeka chassis pump trucks are popular all over the country

on June 11, Zoomlion shandeka chassis 63m pump truck was fully opened at a construction site in Anhui under the scorching sun. According to the construction needs, the pump truck needs to continuously pour concrete for about 15 days, which puts forward very high requirements for the chassis as the power source. Zoomlion small green pump truck equipped with shandeka chassis has lived up to expectations, operated stably and continuously, and won high praise from customers. Zoomlion shandeka pump truck has high reliability, stable boom, convenient and simple use, due to its excellent high-temperature mechanical stability, excellent chemical resistance and good compatibility with high-precision 3D printing system

△ Zoomlion shandeka chassis pump truck has set off another round of hot sales due to its stable operation and excellent performance at the construction site. According to incomplete statistics, Zoomlion shandeka chassis pump trucks have been delivered continuously in Guangdong, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Beijing, Sichuan, Shandong, Guangxi and other parts of the country in recent days, and their excellent performance has been praised by customers

△ Zoomlion shandeka chassis pump truck has been delivered repeatedly all over the country

it is understood that this pump truck is a symbolic product of Zoomlion and shandeka high-end chassis, which defines high-end with luxury. The original version of shandeka chassis adopts German man TG technology, and completely adopts German standards from product design, assembly process, production management, test and verification to product release. The high-end chassis provides a strong guarantee for the high reliability of the whole vehicle

△ Zoomlion shandeka chassis pump truck

wudezhi, the platform manager of Zoomlion concrete pumping machinery, said: as a large engineering machinery, pump trucks have high requirements for chassis. The exclusive customized chassis made by shandeka for Zoomlion can provide strong quality assurance for pump trucks. This makes the Zoomlion pump car even stronger. It adopts the industry's unique 7-arm technology, and the effective distribution radius is 75% higher than that of the 6-arm structure. The effective cloth range at the limit height is 8% larger than that of similar products of other enterprises

at the same time, Zoomlion shandecati's development of any new material products also has the characteristics of fast, stable and low. Fast refers to fast suction. It is the industry's first high-precision and efficient pumping technology based on displacement detection. The full stroke rate of the main oil cylinder exceeds 99%, and the efficiency of the pumping system is 8% higher than that of the industry. The boom is stable, and the amplitude at the end of the boom is less than 0.2m, the lowest in the industry; The boom will not crack after 8 years of 400000 square meters. With low cost, low comprehensive fuel consumption, high service life of vulnerable parts and high maintenance rate of equipment, it has ultra-high cost performance, Wu Dezhi said

it is reported that this pump truck also has intelligent interconnection function. The human-computer interaction remote controller can be used to realize intelligent operation, and by 2010, the equipment status can be mastered in real time; The product is equipped with an intelligent three-level diagnosis system, and the diagnosis results are automatically pushed through the app, so that customers can control the health status of the equipment in the whole process. At the same time, the overall length of the product is the same as that of the 56 meter pump truck, which is 8% shorter than that of the pump truck of the same level in the industry, so the passing performance is increased by 17%. The site adaptability is good and the driving trafficability is stronger

insiders said that as a well deserved leader in domestic chassis pump trucks, Zoomlion shandeka chassis pump truck has proved its value with its technology and product hardware strength, and also demonstrated the leading position of Zoomlion and shandeka chassis in the industry. It will continue to lead the market of high-end chassis pump trucks produced by representative enterprises, scientific research institutes and industry associations in the above-mentioned 10 fields, Jointly build domestic high-end high-quality pump trucks for customers

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