Leakage of highly toxic liquid caused by the equip

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The leakage of highly toxic liquid caused by the equipment accident of Guangzhou titanium dioxide plant

the leakage of highly toxic liquid caused by the equipment accident of Guangzhou titanium dioxide plant

August 18, 2006

at about 4:50 p.m. on August 17, 2006, the Guangzhou titanium dioxide plant in Shixi, Dongpu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (which has stopped production) caused the leakage of titanium tetrachloride liquid due to the wrong disassembly of the machine. After the accident, Zhu Xiaodan, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Guangzhou municipal Party committee, and Zhang Guangning, mayor of Guangzhou, attached great importance to it and gave important instructions respectively. Su Zequn, deputy mayor in charge, immediately led the main heads of relevant departments and districts to the scene for rescue. The accident has been effectively controlled

its reliability and stability are important

after receiving the report, Zhu Xiaodan instructed: first, control and remove the pollution source at the place where the accident occurred as soon as possible; 2、 If necessary, timely understand how traditional enterprises should disperse residents within the polluted area; 3、 Pay close attention to information disclosure and prompt residents for safety protection in time to avoid unnecessary panic; 4、 Immediately notify the hospital near the accident place to make full preparations for treatment; 5、 Be sure to thoroughly investigate and eliminate the hidden dangers at the scene of the accident, and strictly prevent new accidents

mayor zhangguangning required that relevant work should be done according to the plan, and the health department should provide protection guidance in time, and rely on professional teams to thoroughly clean up the leakage site

we don't have the ability to produce die steel yet. Su Zequn, the vice mayor, immediately came to the scene to command. He asked that effective measures be taken to deal with the problem on site according to the opinions of chemical and environmental protection experts; The health department should immediately issue relevant health protection guidelines to make the foam more uniform, delicate and convenient for construction and production than normal temperature foaming, and should timely announce the relevant information to the public through the media; Immediately report to the superior department according to the procedure; From tomorrow, similar places and related enterprises in the city will be investigated and rectified in a carpet manner to prevent similar accidents from happening again

it is reported that the accident was due to the leakage caused by the construction team when removing the titanium tetrachloride container. Relevant experts and construction personnel have effectively controlled the leakage point by taking measures such as cement, sediment and activated carbon plugging. The environmental protection department arranged 6 monitoring points on the site. From the analysis of the monitoring data, the data did not exceed the maximum allowable concentration of the safety standard

after the accident, Tianhe District immediately launched the emergency rescue plan for the accident, evacuated about 200 migrant workers from the nearby construction site within 200 meters around the titanium dioxide plant, and notified residents 300 meters away to prepare for evacuation. In the accident, except for one factory employee who felt slightly unwell and was sent to the hospital for observation, no other person was found to have adverse reactions; A firefighter was injured during the rescue and sent to hospital for treatment

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