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Aise Technology: leading energy-saving suppliers respond to the construction of ecological civilization

identify the environmental impact factors and objects of the project 2012, a new reform year, is an important year for China's steady development. The convening of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has raised the construction of ecological civilization to a more cutting-edge position, set the stage for policies, and play the role of economy. It can be predicted that for suppliers of various energy-saving solutions, It is also a beginning full of opportunities and competition. Because energy-saving service providers are directly related to the victory of the green revolution, let's follow the relevant person in charge of Beijing aise technology to briefly decompose the 12th Five Year Plan and explore the opportunities

the national 12th Five Year Plan emission reduction targets are set as follows:

accessories, etc.

1. Carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP need to be reduced by 17%

2. The proportion of non petrochemical energy in primary energy consumption increased by about 3.1 percentage points, that is, from 8.3% to 11.4%

3. The energy consumption per unit of GDP needs to be reduced by 16% to disconnect the software system controlling the equipment from the equipment

4. The total emission of major pollutants will be reduced by 8 to 10%

in general, the energy-saving task of each unit is still relatively challenging. In addition to the above numerical standards, the 12th Five year plan also defines the main pollutant control categories, such as adding the pollutant control indicators of oxygen nitrogen and nitrogen oxide on the basis of the two categories of chemical oxygen demand and carbon dioxide in the 11th five year plan. It can be seen that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, all regions will usher in the wave of energy conservation and emission reduction plan planning, and the rationality of which will become the adoption rate of various energy-saving schemes. The relevant person in charge of aise technology believes that for enterprises with relatively large energy consumption, only to formulate technology development strategies to support medium and long-term energy conservation in the future, give priority to setting the leading benchmark of energy-saving technology, and increase the support of energy-saving promotion policies, To seize the opportunity, become a pioneer in energy conservation and emission reduction in the same industry, and achieve great economic and social benefits. Energy conservation and emission reduction is a long-term battle, which needs to focus on small issues, look at and promote the development of the whole event with practical solutions and sustainable development

the 12th Five Year Plan has been implemented in all units, and some local and industrial enterprises may have difficulties in completing the task of energy conservation and emission reduction. There are many objective reasons, one of which is the lack of effective and reasonable energy-saving and emission reduction technology and talents. In response to this problem, the person in charge of aise technology suggested that energy-saving suppliers should use more reasonable and optimized schemes to send technologically advanced and experienced professionals to assist energy consuming enterprises to successfully complete energy-saving tasks in the current process of implementing energy-saving plans. Fundamentally win this green revolution and respond to the beautiful vision of ecological civilization and beautiful China

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