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A week's analysis and prediction of the rubber market in the Asia Pacific region

the weak market situation and the upstream styrene monomer and crude oil D. regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact, and the decline in price continues to exert pressure on the market. In addition, the focus on the war in Iraq and the most popular "SARS" in Asian markets made the market trading extremely light. Last week, the market quotation for goods in April fell sharply by about $20/ton, hovering around $1050-1070/ton (CFR provides high-precision Asia)

Northeast Asia:

the price of 1502 grade goods in China's domestic market has fallen from the early 10000-10200 yuan/ton (ex factory price) to 9600 yuan/ton (ex factory price). The fear of further decline in market prices has prompted some domestic SBR manufacturers to sell their shipments at a negative discount to reduce inventory. At the same time, the fierce competition of cheap goods from Russia and South Korea also suppressed the market. Last week, the quotation of Russian goods hovered at 9500 yuan/ton, while the quotation of Korean goods hovered below 1000 dollars/ton (cfrcmp). According to market news, a South Korean SBR manufacturer plans to close its SBR plant with an annual output of 70000 tons and its br production line with an annual output of 54000 tons next month

Southeast Asia and India:

last week, the market price of 1502 grade goods in the region was also dragged down by the sharp decline in upstream costs and weak demand. Last week, the market price of goods in April/may fell to US $1010-1020/ton (CFR India and Pakistan). In any case, it is recommended to adopt intermittent sealed oil cylinders, and regional manufacturers claim to keep the contract settlement price in April/may within the range of 1050-1060 US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). The price of oil filled 171220 ~ 100hrb is about 100 dollars/ton lower than that of 1502

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