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Botero integrated solution: a good partner of one-stop glass processing equipment

Botero integrated solution: a good partner of one-stop glass processing equipment

choose Botero, and glass manufacturers can equip all processes from storage to finished products with full process automatic production lines

the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of flat glass industry points out that the "12th Five Year Plan" period is a critical period for building a well-off society in an all-round way, and the glass industry is facing both development opportunities and new challenges. It is predicted that the demand for flat glass in 2015 will be about 750million weight boxes, with an average annual growth of 2.6% during the "12th Five Year Plan". The continuous promotion of urbanization and industrialization has provided a large market space for the development of the glass industry. Secondly, the development of green buildings, the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings and the improvement of building functions require more high-performance glass intensive processing products

in addition, with the global economic recovery and the increase in energy demand, land, resources, energy, environmental constraints and the rising cost of labor and other production factors have forced the glass industry to change its development mode and pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of development. With the help of automated integrated solutions, China's glass processing enterprises can make full use of the limited glass storage space and use machines to replace labor as much as possible in the production process, so as to meet new challenges

Botero group is the world's leading manufacturer of glass processing equipment. For more than half a century, Botero has been committed to the design, research and development of glass deep processing equipment. The group has manufacturing plants in Italy and China, with 1200 employees, and its service and distribution networks are spread across more than 90 countries around the world. Botero's integrated solution is a complete set of automatic production lines for glass processing and production processes, providing glass manufacturers all over the world with automatic production equipment for the whole process from storage to final products

Botero provides various series of solutions in the field of glass processing automation machinery and equipment. According to different requirements, it can provide standardized processing equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises, It can also provide a whole production line for large international industrial groups. Excellent design can make food packaging more extensive color and material selection, and can provide great impetus for the market implementation of refil wire, giving full play to the effect and construction of embedded advertising. Baoteluo is one of the best suppliers of cutting machines for float glass and laminated glass in the market for decades. In recent 20 years, baoteluo has issued a complete set of solutions, covering storage systems and other glass processing machinery, such as automatic stripping system, cutting machine, edging machine, drilling machine and cleaning machine

customized integrated automatic production line

Botero's integrated automatic production line can customize complete solutions with different degrees of automation according to the specific needs of customers. A complete integrated automatic production line usually includes the following parts:

glass loading system with manipulator, chip coder or standard loading machine

cutting and stripping equipment, cut and strip the glass according to the specified specifications. Automatic stripping system can help glass factories bid farewell to the era of manual stripping, improve safety and reduce labor costs

transmission system running through the whole glass production and processing process

edge grinding machine (including Gemini series, twin edge series and the newly launched mercury Series), the edges are polished after glass cutting

drilling machine

automatic buffer (lifo/fifo) is used for intermediate connection steps

cleaning machine, fine wash the original glass before the glass enters the hardening process

finished product unloading system and packaging system

so far, Botero has installed more than 260 automatic production lines of float glass and embossed glass and glass coating production lines around the world to provide transportation, loading and unloading solutions, real-time process monitoring and system optimization for all links of the glass production process, so as to improve the efficiency of the production line. In recent years, Botero's footprint in China is also increasing, providing automated process services for mo2.74 more and more Chinese glass enterprise customers

glass storage management system

Botero storage system has the most extensive product line, including 605 movable shelf (suitable for small and medium-sized warehouses), 650 shuttle storage system (which can manage the warehouse of hundreds of glass originals and feed multiple cutting machine production lines at the same time) and 695 row hanging storage system (the most flexible storage solution), etc. The storage management solution provided by Botero can be customized according to customer needs, with excellent cost-effectiveness and flexibility, which is convenient for the compact layout of automatic glass loading and unloading and storage processes, so as to optimize production capacity and minimize floor space. Botero's storage system product line is extremely diverse, which can ensure that the most appropriate technical solutions can be customized for each customer. A complete storage management system includes the following equipment:

600 series orbital loading table and 621/631 loading machine

600 series loading machine

600 series orbital loading table is the world's first loading machine, which has been selling well all over the world for 25 years. It adopts a high-performance boom glass separation system and a mechanical reducer, which can shorten the travel time and improve the stability of the equipment, and is suitable for long-term continuous operation

620/630/640 loading machine is widely used all over the world for its high flexibility, reliability and ease of use. This series of loading machine can handle glass with thickness from 2mm to 25mm and stack height of 1.200mm

621/631 loading machine

this type of loading machine is suitable for the production line with standard configuration, and can handle glass with thickness from 3mm to 19mm and stack height of 1.000mm

650 shuttle storage system and 695 row crane storage system

650 shuttle storage system

this is a final solution that can flexibly shuttle in the warehouse with hundreds of glass originals, and at the same time transport and transport glass to multiple cutting machine production lines. The 650 shuttle storage system can move at a speed of 40 m/min and can handle up to 10 tons of glass. 650 is the most suitable glass storage management system for those plants with limited height, which are not suitable for the use of overhead loading machines

695 row hanging storage system

695 row hanging storage system is a unique telescopic frame system, which can arrange flexible storage sites for large glass and conventional size glass on various stations. Not only that, it can also transport glass raw sheets to multiple cutting lines at the same time, and can be easily combined with various sheet holder systems and movable sheet holders

605, 636 and 680 shelf system

605 movable shelf

605 is a very cost-effective and flexible solution, which is suitable for automatic glass storage in small area warehouses. With various specifications of film racks, the floor area can be planned to the minimum. With 605 movable film rack, the glass original pieces weighing up to 10 tons can be handled in a production cycle as short as 50 seconds

636 film rack system

this system is very reliable, and can also be used alone, or combined with the automatic traveling crane film loader to form a storage system. Each film rack system is composed of a fixed film rack and a mobile film rack, followed by a movable film rack

680 STS sub shelf management system

simple vertical storage system is used to effectively manage the remaining glass originals and minimize waste

diversified processing equipment product line

Botero also provides customers with a variety of glass processing machines, including cutting machines, edging machines and drilling machines. These standard equipment can not only work alone, but also be easily integrated into the processing production line, so that the original glass can move freely in the whole processing production line, from the beginning of the frame to the final unloading station

If it is assumed that the demand for paper products in the future is still robust

the original glass sheets are transported from the sheet rack to the processing line, and the original glass sheets are placed on the leading conveyor belt through the chip coder, standard loading machine or mechanical arm system. After cutting to the required size, they are automatically transported to the Botero bilateral edging machine (straight edge or flat edge), and the final finishing is completed

mercury bilateral rounding machine, the latest cutting-edge equipment launched by Botero, integrates the company's rich professional experience in glass grinding. Its Gemini edging technology has been upgraded to improve productivity and meet the latest needs of the glass industry

mercury bilateral edging machine has the following characteristics:

the edging speed of round edge can reach 20 m/min, which is higher than that of standard edging equipment

in high-speed operation, the outer grinding wheel can be replaced without production downtime, thus reducing downtime

the outer grinding wheel automatically recovers to shorten the maintenance time

after completing the above processing procedures, the original glass sheet is sent to the cleaning machine for cleaning and rinsing, and then enters the downstream processing links such as hardening. At the end of the processing flow line, the original glass sheets are unloaded from the production line to the sheet rack through the mechanical arm, chip coder or standard loading machine

the whole processing line is managed and controlled by the personal computer +plc system, and monitored in real time by the production management software of Botero. It warns of abnormal conditions and tracks the production process. At the same time, it stores all processing data of each piece of glass. The management software includes the most advanced applications, which can optimize the cutting mode, including some customized production reports, statistical analysis and the establishment of historical production database

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