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A week's brief description of China plastics ABS spot (8..31)

this week, China's plastic price index fell step by step, and after a week, it fell from 1279.04 points at the beginning of the week to 1265.95 points on Friday, down 13.09 points from the beginning of the week and 14.54 points from the same period last week. The China Plastics spot index rose and fell this week, slowly adjusting from 1225.23 at the beginning of the week to close at 1225.14 on Friday, down 0.09 points from the beginning of the week and up 0.14 points from the same period last week

I. upstream information review:

the price of international crude oil fluctuated this week, basically above $70. The reason for the rise in oil prices this week is based on OPEC's unwillingness to increase production at the September meeting and the sharp decline in U.S. crude oil and gasoline inventories. However, with the high demand for gasoline in the United States, the other is the AD converter. If the bit number of the AD converter is low, that is, the approaching of the end of the peak period, as well as the impact of a series of negative factors such as the early opening of the North Sea central transmission pipeline and the end of the summer overhaul of the oil field, it is expected that if there is no new information guidance, The rise in oil prices will be restrained. At the weekend, the closing price of WTI crude oil was $74.04/barrel, up $2.95 from the same period last week; Brent crude oil closed at $72.69 per barrel, up $2.07 from the same period last week

the trend of styrene in Asia followed that of crude oil. The quotation fluctuated frequently this week, but the range was limited. As of Thursday afternoon, FOB closed, but CFR closed for 1 general manufacturer. There is more and more demand for mechanics experiments in Jinan assay in China. The market closed at 12600 yuan/ton in the middle of the week, but fell back in the strong wait-and-see atmosphere of merchants near the weekend, with a transaction of 12500 yuan/ton

II. Market Review:

this week, the domestic ABS market is weak, all parties are waiting and waiting, and the enthusiasm for operation is difficult to find. In the second half of August in the early stage, the market was placed with great hope. However, the difficulties in the downstream made it difficult for the overall market to break through the resistance and get out of the vortex to solve the difficulties. Some insiders said that the safety problem of products made in China has been quite thorny, and many downstream are difficult to judge what new regulations will be issued at home and abroad, so their intention to accept orders is weak, and some even dare not accept orders. Of course, before the Christmas order is completed, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of all evaluation impacts. This week, most of the quotations of manufacturers and traders stabilized, and not many prices were slightly reduced

this week, the ABS market in Yuyao China plastic city was basically in a weak state, and the overall resource consumption was slow. Due to the high market price, which has restrained the effective release of downstream demand, as well as the recent policy restrictions and the recall of export toys, traders generally feel that the recent demand is difficult to be optimistic, and the operation is relatively cautious. However, supported by high costs and low inventories, the market quotation remained stable at a high level, with some small fluctuations. As of Friday, the mainstream quotation of domestic ABS was yuan/ton, and that of imported ABS was yuan/ton. At present, the market atmosphere is still relatively low, and it is difficult to gather popularity. The production enthusiasm of downstream factories has been frustrated, the operating rate is not high, and the substantive demand is difficult to start. They can only maintain general procurement and buy now

situation in other regions: this week, the ABS market quotation in East China showed a stalemate, the actual transaction price has little floating space, the downstream purchase intention is not strong, and it can only be purchased to maintain the general production needs. The receiving strength is obviously insufficient, the traders are more cautious in attracting goods, the market is not prosperous, and the merchants have a poor mentality towards the future market. In the local market, except for 15a1 Ninghe 757, which fell by 100 to 15900 yuan and 16200 yuan/ton, most other prices were unchanged from last week. The South China market showed a weak consolidation trend, and the trading volume was difficult to enlarge, and some actual transaction prices were stable and fell. At present, there are few overall resources in the market, the demand of downstream factories is limited, and the delivery of goods is slow. Traders generally take a wait-and-see approach, operate cautiously, and dare not hold positions. Their mentality tends to be complex, and most businesses feel helpless. The local 15a1 unit fell significantly, and the price fell by yuan/ton this week. The lowest quotation in Dongguan was 15200 yuan/ton, and the supply of goods was sufficient. With the arrival of some goods, the price of 750A also fell back to about 15200 yuan/ton. 757, 15a1 and Ning also fell slightly. On the whole, the market transactions flow slowly, and the overall market is difficult to improve significantly. (all prices in South China are tax free)

petrochemical manufacturers: the production enterprises that adjusted prices this week accounted for only about 30% of the total, the range is generally yuan/ton, and they are concentrated in several major sales companies of PetroChina. As crude oil and styrene are still at a high level, and petrochemical enterprises are considering price protection and stabilizing the market, the prices of most enterprises are relatively stable. However, the overall shipment speed is still slow, and the sales situation is slightly embarrassing. Many enterprises have made some profits in actual sales. However, many manufacturers have a good mentality and still have some hope for the future market. A fire broke out in a PMMA raw material storage tank in Qimei, Zhenjiang on Tuesday, accompanied by an explosion. The manufacturer confirmed that the explosion did not have a great impact on the manufacturer, and the production of its device was still going on smoothly

III. trend forecast for next week:

at present, traders and downstream enterprises are still in a heavy wait-and-see mood, and their efforts to attract goods are obviously insufficient. In addition, although the upstream styrene price has been at a high level, its impact on the ABS market is becoming increasingly weak. However, fortunately, there are not many market resources, the merchants have a stable mentality and are not in a hurry to ship. In addition, the manufacturer has little inventory pressure, and the ex factory price has basically remained unchanged. Therefore, although the downstream demand continues to be sluggish, they can jointly maintain the stability of the market. It is expected that the short-term market will still be stable and dynamic

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