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Smart flowerpot: can one-stop lazy planting improve home lighting

Bloomengine is an intelligent gardening device that can help people grow plants, from seeds to flowers. It provides app control, automatic irrigation system, optimized LED lighting, built-in Full HD camera, micro fan ventilation, easy planting and other functions...

bloomengine is a smart seeder with good appearance, which provides all plant lovers with a new concept of indoor green life

with enterprise innovative technology, users can monitor plants, water and care at any time and anywhere. Bloomngine is very suitable for plant lovers and is actively looking for solutions. They hope to conveniently experience seed germination, germination and flowering at home in the coaxiality between the center line of their upper and lower collets and sample jaws and the force application axis of the experimental machine

users can easily customize the environmental conditions of plants through the bloomengine application for Android and IOS devices. You can arrange the watering and lighting time, and even set the delay setting according to your preferences

the water tank can store up to 40 ounces of water, so there is no need to worry about changing water every day. If the internal water pump keeps the water circulating, it can keep the water fresh for 1 month

the compressed soil provided by the product can be stored for a long time in the dry area. At the beginning of planting, just soak the compressed soil with water, and then put the seeds on it. Even if the plants need to be re irrigated and naturally decomposed to reduce the burden, the soil is easy to change

led lighting chips are installed below the top of the equipment and provide sufficient light for plants to grow indoors. Apply LED lighting with brightness (about 10~25k Lux) and light wavelength (about 380nm~780nm) to bloomengine. The elegant RGB lamp will change the color (it will not affect plants) to match the atmosphere of the room. The color of light can be controlled through bloomengine smart hand application to provide various atmospheres for any indoor decoration

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