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One stop service in Pathfinder Express Printing Industry (Part 2)

service focus: each has its own emphasis

in the interview and investigation, we found an interesting phenomenon: at present, few express printing enterprises have made the content of one-stop service large and comprehensive, but have their own emphasis according to their own business background and business characteristics

1. Enterprises with both traditional printing and digital printing focus on prepress services. According to Mr. He Peng, manager of digital printing business department of Hengyu graphic printing (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Hengyu company, as a professional business document service company, has established its own one-stop service in the process of continuous communication and improvement with customers in the face of many well-known enterprise customers at home and abroad

Hengyu company is characterized by having two business divisions, one is digital printing business division and the other is offset printing business division. The two business divisions have their own complete and independent sales, production and service systems, and have established a good internal process that can reduce production costs at the same time, which is relatively unified. Relative refers to the relatively different product lines, and unified refers to the consistent cooperation in providing service solutions for customers. According to Mr. He Peng, starting from the application and service of customers, Hengyu company should first consider optimizing the service process, shortening the feedback time and ensuring the quality tracking. On this basis, set up corresponding teams

therefore, Hengyu company has developed its own ERP system, order system, networking platform and other networking tools. The use of the general networking system has optimized the customer service process, made the cumbersome procurement process of customers relatively simple and easy, and made the communication with Hengyu company faster and convenient. On this basis, it has established a complete set of teams for design, typesetting, sales, customer service center, distribution and logistics

Mr. He Peng also introduced further examples: for example, we can easily provide Nokia 8 with the above system. Pay attention to the plug not to loosen when moving the computer. The company provides printing services of training materials in 21 countries and regions, user's subscription, verification, document management, document upgrading, order issuance, rapid printing, product packaging, customs clearance and freight A series of arrangements such as accounts receivable are all completed through the network system and service process. In the production process of documents, we applied the scheme of combining offset printing and digital printing. The quality of the whole set of products is better than that of some German printing service providers, but the price is lower than them. More importantly, the customer's procurement process is simpler and clearer

it is understood that with one-stop service, Hengyu company has signed purchase orders from Toyota, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, DHL and other well-known enterprises this year to become their document service supplier

2. An enterprise born in an advertising company focuses on prepress services

Zhongtong times was an advertising company before, mainly engaged in advertising design, planning, and exhibition board design. In daily work, it came into contact with a large number of digital printing products and felt the convenience brought by digital printing to people. Especially in recent years, with the increasing living standards of people, it is necessary to adjust the control parameters of the experimental machine at any time (that is, the conventional P, I, D parameters) to improve. Traditional printing can no longer meet people's requirements, and various personalized needs increase. Advertising companies and design companies are growing rapidly under this demand, and there is a situation of supply exceeding demand. How to catch customers has become a problem faced by every advertising company. After thinking for a period of time, Zhongtong times came to the conclusion that on the one hand, it is necessary to provide customers with convenient, fast and perfect services. On the other hand, although design is very important, it is more important to present exquisite ideas in a good and fast form in front of customers

after joining zhengyinjie, in the competition with other advertising companies, the advantage of Zhongtong times is that it can quickly and accurately reproduce their design schemes and serve customers in an all-round way; Compared with express printing companies, they have a professional design team, which can meet the growing demand for personalized design and printing

in addition, the customer base is mainly the fast printing enterprises of architectural design companies. Because the prepress of architectural graphics and texts is done by the client and sent to the fast printing enterprises for output, they will relatively focus on post printing services; Enterprises that transform their export centers to do fast printing will focus on prepress services because they have accumulated a lot of prepress experience in the past. In this way, there are countless examples that focus on different services due to their professional background and business focus

development trend: positioning makes it an indisputable fact that the rapid printing industry is positioned in the service industry. From the development process of many service industries, we can see that one-stop service should be the development trend of the rapid printing industry. It is reported that many foreign digital printing enterprises not only derive their profits from digital printing, but also rely on services other than digital printing for 50% of their profits. According to the forecast report of CAPV consulting company in the United States. In the future revenue sources of the printing industry, the proportion of revenue from value-added services in the total revenue will be higher and higher

however, it should be admitted that the one-stop service in the express printing industry is still in its infancy. Rising customer costs, production costs have not decreased, and the survival pressure caused by fierce competition has increased many obstacles to the development of one-stop services for express printing enterprises. However, a person in the industry said well that one-stop service requires us to create the potential needs of customers and provide them to become a real demand

for improving the level of one-stop service, Mr. He Peng put forward the following three suggestions to his peers. The first is technology and product innovation. An important factor in the growth of enterprises is product quality. Constantly working on new production technologies and new products will win the trust of customers and enhance market competitiveness. The innovation in the production process is reflected in three aspects, namely, the improvement of the quality of workers, the renewal and transformation of production equipment, and the learning and innovation of technology. Improving products and innovating products are important magic weapons to stay ahead of competitors and win customers, and also lay a material foundation for one-stop service

the second is process, management innovation. The innovation of process and management improves the management level of enterprises, and the change of organizational functions improves the efficiency of enterprise organization and management, so that enterprises can complete more work with less human input. Only when management drives the operation can the enterprise embark on the road of benign development and lay a guarantee for the smooth completion of one-stop service

the third is to create an excellent corporate culture. People are the key to the success of enterprises. The communication with customers, the completion of products and the improvement of quality are inseparable from the participation and understanding of employees. The growth of enterprises cannot be separated from the cohesion, enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Cultivating talents, respecting talents and letting employees and enterprises grow together are the spiritual basis for completing one-stop services

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