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Sany Wang Yan: want to rebuild a listed company in India

Sany Wang Yan: want to rebuild a listed company in India

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Guide: on January 20, 2011, when I set foot on the land of India, I knew Sany's decision to invest in India. Here is China in 1993: waste is waiting for prosperity, vibrant. In that year, Liang Wengen and his entrepreneurial team made a strategy to move to Changsha and enter the field of construction machinery

on January 20, 2011, when I set foot on the land of India, I knew clearly the decision of Sany Heavy Industry to invest in India. Here is the technical evaluation country of China cement pressure testing machine in 1993: waste is waiting for prosperity and vitality. In that year, Liang Wengen and his entrepreneurial team made a strategy to move to Changsha and enter the field of construction machinery

Sany India Company is the "stepping stone" for Sany's internationalization, and Wang Yan, deputy general manager of Sany Research Institute, is Sany's "pioneer" in the Indian market. Since the first grader was sold in 2002, Sany has sold more than 2000 sets of equipment in India, with sales of more than 400million yuan last year. Wang Yan said that his dream is to rebuild a "Sany Heavy Industry" and build an Indian listed company

adjacent to Mercedes Benz

Sany Heavy Industry India industrial park is located in the economic development zone of Pune, India. When the car turned into "Sany Avenue", it was surprised to find that a huge sign in front stood on a silver gray factory building. That is the production base of Mercedes Benz in India

since Sany Heavy Industry emerged, Sany and Mercedes Benz have formed an "indissoluble bond". On the one hand, Sany frequently purchases Mercedes Benz chassis and other parts, and is the "VIP" of Mercedes Benz luxury car club; On the other hand, the trademark lawsuits of both sides have been fought from home to abroad for more than ten years. Last year, the British court in London ruled that Sany won the lawsuit, but Mercedes Benz turned around and threw a big chassis order to Zoomlion. Interestingly, this pair of "business enemies", who are both enemies and friends, have become neighbors in India, separated by only a street

the capacity expansion of Sany and Mercedes Benz in India is almost completely synchronized. They are both preparing to build factories in 2004. At the same time, they all want to win more than 1000 mu of industrial land in the economic development zone of Puna city in one fell swoop. Finally, Sany and Mercedes Benz reached an investment agreement with the government of Maharashtra, where Pune city is located, in 2006, respectively, to acquire more than 500 mu of land and delimit streets for governance. At present, Sany Industrial Park has been put into operation, while Mercedes Benz's production base is still under construction. Sany and Benz, who live next to each other, can't help fighting secretly. Sany arranges non Indian employees to rent in the rich area of Pune. The shuttle buses of the two companies to pick up and send employees leave at the same time every day, and the routes are also similar. Wang Yan revealed: "the labor force in India is relatively low. The average income of ordinary workers is about 500 or 600 yuan, while the salary standard of Sany India Company is basically set with reference to Mercedes Benz, which is more than 70% higher than the average level in India."

Wang Yan told that Pune is the seventh largest city in India, with a pleasant climate and good industrial foundation. It is only 200 kilometers away from the port city of Mumbai. Skilled personnel, warehousing and logistics, supporting procurement and other factors are very superior. Many world-class large companies choose to build Indian offices or factories in Pune. Being close to these multinational companies virtually benefits Sany. The local employees recruited by SANY are all highly motivated. Many of them have working experience in large multinational enterprises and are more likely to accept modern management concepts and innovative technologies

learn from India

Wang Yan said that in fact, Sany India Company, as the "stepping stone" and "touchstone" of Sany globalization, has been learning from India since the first day it entered the Indian market

due to the Indian nation, otherwise the fixture operation may exceed the limit of travel, causing damage to equipment, and the industry is relatively backward. The huge Indian market has become an arena for foreign-funded enterprises. While demonstrating China's industrial technology level, Sany India Company is constantly learning from global multinational enterprises and realizing globalization through "localization". "Indian professional managers are very influential in all countries in the world. People above the senior vice president of the world's top 500, Indian 'Generals' and more than 19% of the executives of large and medium-sized enterprises in the United States are Indians. Indian large companies are well managed and operate in an orderly manner. Their management will not have whims, but will implement management in a planned and step-by-step manner according to the set goals." Wang Yan said that in seven or eight years in India, he visited a large number of local Indian enterprises and became friends with them. "I believe that when India's reform is further deepened, its domestic resources will have great potential after docking with foreign talent resources."

Tata Group, the largest enterprise in India, was rated as the 11th most respected company in the world by Forbes. This Indian family business with a history of more than 100 years was called "the benchmark of Indian enterprises" by Wang Yan. "They are leading the world in terms of diversification, involving many industries such as papermaking, automobile, it, communication, national defense, etc., but they are very well managed, and every merger and acquisition is very successful. I once obtained a set of management documents from them, which are particularly detailed, and Indians advocate institutionalization and standardization, which is quite different from China's' leadership decision-making system '."

among the 700 employees of Sany India Company, there are more than 600 Indian natives. Talking about the quality of labor force in China and India, Wang Yan said that Indian workers have a large knowledge gap, but they prefer to act in accordance with established rules and regulations. As long as a scientific process is formulated, the established goals will be completed in strict accordance with the process. "While we are training Indian employees, Chinese employees are also learning from Indian employees." Wang Yan said

hope to be listed in India

India is a large country with a population of 1.2 billion, with backward infrastructure and weak power and industry. However, the Indian government has decided to invest 1trillion yuan in infrastructure construction from 2012 to 2017. In 2010, nearly 40000 construction machinery were sold in India, an increase of about 20%. Wang Yan predicted that during the whole 12th Five Year Plan period, India's construction machinery will still maintain a growth rate of more than 20%, and the sales market will focus on urban construction, electricity, roads, energy and other fields, and the growth rate of related products may reach%

Sany Heavy Industry established its first production base overseas, and it is also the first case in China's construction machinery industry to build factories overseas. In 2004, when Sany began to prepare for the establishment of the Indian base, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany, put forward the wish of "building another Sany". Now, six years later, Sany India industrial park has the ability to produce complete sets of concrete equipment locally in India, and the excavator production line is also under construction. On February 8, Sany Heavy Industry will participate in the "BMW Exhibition" of construction machinery held in Mumbai and prepare to build a 4S center in Mumbai

in 2010, Sany India's local sales exceeded 400million yuan, an increase of more than 60% over 2009. It is expected to reach a production capacity of about 2.5 billion yuan by 2013. In 2003, when Sany was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, its sales were only more than 12 billion yuan

"my vision is to expand Sany India Company and promote it to become a listed company." Wang Yan predicted that by 2013, the production capacity of Sany India will reach about 2.5 billion

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