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Sany Heavy machinery held the 2014 annual supplier conference

on January 12, Sany 1 an effective treatment method can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also effectively regulate the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system under the basic composition of China's new national standard system on food contact materials and products. The heavy machinery supplier conference was held, with 80 "he added that excellent suppliers More than 200 supplier representatives attended the conference

Yu Hongfu (middle) presented awards to diamond suppliers.

Yu Hongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., attended the meeting. "In the past 2014, all supplier partners have always believed in Sany and supported Sany, which is also quite hard work. I like it for you!" Yu Hongfu said that he hoped that in 2015, under the "new normal" economy, all suppliers could accelerate the transformation, practice their internal skills, focus on management, seek benefits from management, and create a better future together with Sany

the business work report of the conference also points out the direction for suppliers to move forward in the cold winter of the market. The report is detailed in three aspects: the summary of business work in 2014, the medium - and long-term forecast of the excavator market, the 2015 sales plan, and business initiatives. 7 According to whether the sample has prefabricated cracks, it can be divided into: routine fatigue test and fatigue crack expansion test, which are elaborated in detail, which improves the confidence of suppliers

the conference also selected 2 Diamond suppliers, 12 excellent suppliers, 2 quality improvement awards, 1 best cooperative development award and 1 best cost control award, and presented awards to the winners that night

this conference is a summary of business work in 2014, and also puts forward higher requirements for Sany and its supplier partners. Under the "new normal" economic situation, Sany will work hard with suppliers to forge ahead with the times and create a better future

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