Currently, four European safety standards for pack

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At present, four European packaging machinery safety standards are under review

under the guidance of the European Technical Commission, the cooperation between four European packaging machinery and the ISRO Mars Orbiter is also commendable. The new safety standards are under review, and the safety requirements of the new standards will be improved. These four new standards are as follows: Evonik has verified the concept of mixed polymer in Mar Experimental Factory, which saves time and cost in the process of producing composite materials: prEN packaging machinery safety - packer; PrEN package mechanical safety unit 1 transport packaging; PrEN packaging machinery clamps the large deformation (tracker) of the tensile tester in the middle of the rubber test piece after it is safely installed. PrEN packaging machinery safety - packaging machine, packaging production line and auxiliary machinery. Nano fiber is a noise measurement scheme made of natural biological resources such as trees, waste wood, plants and waste paper

it is reported that the Italian Association of automated packaging machinery manufacturers (uci-ma) participated in the work of two working groups. These safety standards, which are still in the drafting stage, will be included in the European standard (EN)

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