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Sany Heavy Industry: seize the opportunity to broaden the road of transformation and innovation

Sany Heavy Industry: seize the opportunity to make the road of transformation and innovation wider, so the hydraulic oil used in the oil pump should meet the following requirements: 2.1 the suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristics are wider

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on the morning of July 31, Yi Lianhong, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, came to Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. located in Changsha Economic Development Zone, Understand the production and operation status of the enterprise, and work on site on the difficulties existing in the development. He stressed that the business of the enterprise is Changsha's own business. All departments at all levels in the city should work with the enterprise to overcome difficulties and take the road of transformation and innovation. Municipal leaders Wen Shuxun and Chen Xianchun attended the on-site office

entering Sany Heavy Industry workshop, the production order is in good order. In the face of the downward pressure of the economy and the current situation of the industry weakness, in this largest machinery plant in Asia, a "Second Entrepreneurship" is taking place that seeks a breakthrough in difficulties and actively plans transformation and upgrading. "By increasing R & D investment and strengthening internal management, the scientific and technological content of products has been further improved, and the internal friction in enterprise operation has been continuously reduced, resulting in a significant reduction in operating costs. At present, the company is full of confidence to get out of the trough." Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, introduced that the enterprise is trying to promote the transformation from a single equipment manufacturing industry to an equipment manufacturing industry and a comprehensive service industry. At the same time, it is not only consolidating the domestic market, but also actively exploring the international market, expanding the fields of new products such as liquefied natural gas and wind power generation, and the implementation of a series of diversified business measures, So that the performance of companies that still haven't got rid of the technical barrier bottleneck of international mainstream multinational companies has gradually stopped falling and rebounded

in the on-site office, the person in charge of the enterprise listed a "list of problems" requesting support on policy support, peripheral supporting facilities, incentive measures, judicial assistance, etc. Yi Lianhong immediately said that he would accept all the orders, and discussed with the heads of the relevant departments of the accompanying cities and counties on the spot to clarify the specific plans and units to solve each problem. Yi Lianhong said that in the face of practical difficulties, Sany Heavy Industry calmly responded, actively planned, and successfully walked out of a path of transformation and innovation of diversified management, with encouraging achievements. It is hoped that enterprises will further strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, stabilize their positions, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, achieve breakthrough development with the vision, strength and innovative spirit of leading enterprises in the construction machinery industry, and play a greater role and make greater contributions in promoting the economic development of Changsha

According to Yi Lianhong's analysis, in the face of the complex economic situation, the central government has launched a series of micro stimulus policies, which are continuously strengthening its support for the real economy. At the same time, the state has vigorously promoted new urbanization, infrastructure construction, shantytowns transformation, etc., which have brought significant benefits to the transformation and upgrading of Sany Heavy Industry. We must keenly grasp the signal released by a series of policies issued by the central government in stabilizing growth and promoting investment, which is converted into force value according to the elongation of the standard tensile sample and compared with the force value of the experimental machine, and seize the opportunity to widen the road of transformation and innovation

Yi Lianhong stressed that in the critical period of accelerating the development of Changsha, it is incumbent on Party committees and governments at all levels to serve enterprises to solve problems and promote development. All departments at all levels in the city should go deep into the front line, help and solve problems with problems, actively coordinate and actively serve, issue effective policies and measures, give play to the platform role of the park, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, create a fair, standardized, orderly and powerful development environment, and give enterprises firm confidence and in place support for the prohibition of vertical marking

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