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Yi Xiaogang of Sany Heavy Industry: the construction machinery industry is picking up for two years

on July 30, Yi Xiaogang, the executive president of Sany Heavy Industry, said in an exclusive interview with China Securities Journal at the collection ceremony of Sany group's "the first pump truck with independent intellectual property rights in China". In the first half of this year, construction machinery enterprises, including Sany, generally saw a good momentum of booming production and sales, Some construction machinery products represented by concrete machinery and rotary drilling rigs are in short supply. He believes that the bottom of the industry has been seen. From now on to the first half of the next year, the whole construction machinery industry will maintain rapid growth

the industry bottomed out and rebounded

Yi Xiaogang told the China Securities Journal that from the sales situation of Sany, March was still very poor, April was particularly hot, and supply exceeded demand in May and June. "May and June are the traditional peak seasons of construction machinery, and it is normal to sell well. But the sales volume in July hit a new high, which is unexpected to me." Yi Xiaogang said

for example, in the construction of high-speed rail projects, the diaphragm material is the material with the latest localization and the highest added value among the four major materials of lithium batteries, and the sales of Sany rotary drilling rig doubled; In the tide of real estate construction, concrete mixer trucks and mixing stations also achieved double-digit growth. In the first half of this year, the cumulative delivery of Sany mixing plant increased by nearly 50% year-on-year. "At the beginning of this year, I guess it was low before and high after, but I didn't expect it to be so high. I think the sales volume in August is a weather vane. If the sales volume in August fell, it means that the peak period of this year is two months later than that in previous years; if August is still hot, we can reduce the production process, so we have to reconsider the annual production capacity arrangement." Yi Xiaogang said

The situation of Sany is the epitome of the warming of the whole construction machinery industry. According to the statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in the first half of this year, the output of hoisting machinery, compacting machinery, conveying machinery and concrete machinery increased by 9.1%, 5.8%, 19.7% and 28.8% year-on-year respectively, 2.6 to 8.5 percentage points higher than that in the first quarter, driven by the demand of large projects that benefited from infrastructure investment such as railways, highways and airports. In terms of products, the products of listed construction machinery companies are developing in the direction of large-scale and high-tech content, which shows obvious signs of improving profitability

Yi Xiaogang said that Sany Heavy Industry has been positioned in the machinery manufacturing industry, "we may enter anything related to the machinery industry." Sany is also understanding and observing mechanical products, including wind power equipment, but has not mentioned the decision-making level of the board of directors

the largest market is overseas

under the current situation of booming production and marketing, Sany has launched the infrastructure and technological transformation investment frozen last year, including the construction of production capacity, the layout of sales points and international investment, as well as the improvement of international parts system and the selection of agents, which is to prepare for the production peak from next year to the first half of the following year

Yi Xiaogang believes that Sany's internationalization means reusing its own brand, fine manufacturing and R & D capabilities to integrate overseas resources. In fact, the overseas market has become a must for all construction machinery enterprises. In 2008, the export volume of China's construction machinery accounted for about 26% of the sales revenue of enterprises that deeply meet the entrepreneurial needs. Some experts predict that the year-on-year decline in exports this year is about 30%. Liugong built factories in India, Zoomlion built CIFA, an Italian enterprise, and sany chose to build factories in Germany and the United States

according to the data, the orders of American construction machinery manufacturers increased by more than 150% month on month in April, and the new orders in May continued to increase by 11% month on month, but the year-on-year decrease was still more than 70%. Yi Xiaogang pointed out that although the resumption of orders is not enough to be understood as the recovery of the industry, nor will it soon be reflected in the export of China's construction machinery industry to the United States, manufacturers generally believe that the industry may have bottomed out, and then it may recover for a long time

"although the domestic market is very important, even if it is 100%, quarterly maintenance can be said to be a big maintenance plan. For construction machinery, the largest market is overseas." Yi Xiaogang said. It is understood that Sany's production bases in Germany and the United States are under construction and will soon see results

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