Tips for purchasing plastic steel door and window

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Tips for purchasing plastic steel door and window hardware:

tips for purchasing plastic steel door and window hardware:

I. lock materials

lock materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloys. Stainless steel is the best lock making material with high strength, strong corrosion resistance and no discoloration; Copper is more versatile, with superior mechanical properties and higher price; The lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy, which is strong in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and easy to form. It is mostly used for mid-range locks

II. Surface treatment of locks

surface treatment is roughly divided into three types: electroplating, spraying and coloring. Through surface treatment, locks form a layer of dense protective film on the surface of products, which plays the role of corrosion prevention and rust prevention, making locks more beautiful and durable. Lock industry network reminds: the secret protective film is also the standard to measure the quality of locks. Locks with good quality are mostly electroplated. The coating is fine and smooth, uniform and moderate, bright in color, without bubbles, rust and oxidation signs

III. lock implementation standards

foreign countries have very strict standards and regulations for hardware locks, so the quality of imported products is relatively higher. We can feel the quality of the lock with our hands. Locknet reminder: Generally speaking, locks that feel heavy are of relatively high quality; The lock body cannot be exposed, which is easy to hurt people. In particular, pay attention to the three positions of the end of the lock handle, the lock tongue and the four corners of the lock body of the lock; The lock with good lock spring has the advantages of flexible opening, high sensitivity and long service life. There are also many styles of locks, which must be consistent with the style of indoor doors




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