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Deal with VOC in many places! Please note that when choosing waterproof paint for decoration in summer...

with the advent of summer, the release of some volatile organic compounds will increase under high temperature and humidity, and ozone pollution will gradually become prominent. In order to effectively curb ozone pollution and further improve the ambient air quality, a few days ago, many provinces across the country launched a heavy attack, adopting methods such as wrong time production, stopping construction, replacing coatings with low VOCs content, strengthening the comprehensive treatment of VOCs in the decoration industry, and trying to minimize ozone pollution by reducing VOCs emissions. There are also many owners who want to decorate their houses in summer. In this special season, what problems should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing waterproof coatings? Let's watch it together

many provinces have launched a heavy attack on VOCs in decoration

Anhui Province: it is recommended to comprehensively control VOCs in the construction and decoration industry

Bozhou City has strengthened the control of volatile organic pollutants, formulated the implementation plan for the special rectification of volatile organic pollutants in Bozhou City in 2021, and carried out the special rectification of volatile organic pollutants com。

promote the comprehensive management of VOCs in the building decoration industry. Actively advocate and promote green decoration, promote the use of low (non) volatile architectural coatings, and use water-based architectural coatings for municipal engineering, housing construction, maintenance and decoration projects, and add corresponding clauses in the bidding documents and contracts. The paint painting site of building walls must be equipped with a closed storage and allocation workshop for adhesives and building paints, which must be kept in a closed manner. From May to September, if outdoor engineering operations involve spraying, painting and other VOCs emission processes, peak shifting construction shall be implemented, and operations under strong sunshine conditions from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. shall be guided

Hebei Province: comprehensively replace with low VOCs content coatings

Tangshan: release the plan for ozone pollution prevention and control in Tangshan in 2021, and put forward 10 governance and management measures for key industries such as chemical industry, coating manufacturing, industrial coating, etc., requiring that during the key period from May to August, the raw and auxiliary materials in the coating process of wood furniture manufacturing industry and maintenance industry "can be replaced and should be replaced", and be completely replaced with low VOCs content paints and coatings, Focus on the implementation of wrong time production by VOCs enterprises

Hubei Province: stop coating spraying from July to September

Wuhan: it is recommended to use coatings with low VOCs content such as water-based, powder, high solid content, solvent-free and radiation curing, inks with low VOCs content such as water-based, radiation curing and plant-based, adhesives with low VOCs content such as water-based, hot-melt, solvent-free, radiation curing, modification and biodegradation, and cleaning agents with low VOCs content and low reactivity, Replace solvent based coatings, inks, adhesives, cleaning agents; Water based and high solid protective coatings for buildings and structures are widely used in housing construction projects. In addition to emergency maintenance and major projects, paint spraying operations for the maintenance of urban furniture and the renovation of the facade of the house will be stopped from July to September; If construction is really needed, fine control shall be implemented to avoid carrying out relevant operations during the day

Zhejiang Province: it can powder but not water, and it can water but not oil. Solvent based coatings will be phased out

Jiaxing: the three-year action plan for ozone pollution prevention and control in Jiaxing (2021-2023) was issued, requiring that interior decoration coatings should meet the relevant standards in the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials, and solvent based coatings and adhesives should be phased out; The interior and exterior walls of the building are fully coated with water-based paint. Municipal projects involving the use of paints, adhesives and organic solvents, and government invested housing construction and maintenance projects, all use products with low (no) VOCs content, and corresponding clauses are added to the bidding documents and contracts

Jiangsu Province: unauthorized operation is ordered to stop work for rectification

Wuxi: from April to September, according to the SMS warning of the municipal air office on the emergency management platform, the VOCs emission process is suspended from 10:00 to 17:00 every day (excluding rainy days). According to the time period required by the ozone exceeding warning of the municipal air office, the construction operations that are prone to produce volatile organic compounds such as wall spraying are prohibited at the construction site, and the painting and Roof waterproof operation, large and medium-sized decoration. The municipal (county) and district governments should strictly implement the territorial management responsibilities and strengthen the supervision of construction sites during autumn and winter (October to march of the next year) and summer ozone prevention and control (April to September). For undeclared projects, those who are found to carry out operations involving particulate matter and VOCs emissions without authorization shall be ordered to stop work for rectification, and be strictly investigated and punished

Liaoning Province: the production process involving VOCs is implemented in wrong time production

Shenyang: from April 25 to September 30, Shenyang will carry out classified ozone control and organize some industrial enterprises to carry out wrong time production for the process involving VOCs. Vigorously improve the replacement rate of raw and auxiliary materials with low VOCs content, and require relevant enterprises to reduce VOCs from the source; Implement the whole process control in the storage, transportation, use, disposal and other links of VOCs materials. On the premise of ensuring safety, strengthen the sealing and collection of VOCs waste gas in the whole process to ensure that "all receivables are collected". The production process involving VOCs shall be carried out at wrong time between 9:00 and 18:00, and the peak shall be staggered to other time periods as far as possible. For processes using materials with VOCs content (mass ratio) less than 10%, wrong time production may not be carried out

according to statistics, dozens of provinces and cities have made heavy efforts in the prevention and control of air pollution. No matter the restrictions on solvent based coatings, the peak staggering time limit for the spraying process, and the measures such as "powder without water, water without oil", phasing out solvent based coatings are undoubtedly for the sake of a greener ecological environment, Naturally, it also promotes more regions and industries to choose environmentally friendly products such as water-based coatings and powder coatings

attention should be paid to the use of waterproof paint in summer

the high temperature in summer will accelerate the release of volatile organic pollutants and harmful substances. In order to avoid being injured in the "high incidence" of decoration pollution in summer, we should also pay special attention to the selection of environmental protection waterproof paint in the selection of waterproof materials

use environmental protection waterproof materials

waterproof coatings are water-based, solvent based and reactive. The industrial standard "limit of harmful substances in waterproof coatings" clearly stipulates the environmental performance of these three types of coatings, and it is recommended that users choose home decoration waterproof products with a higher limit of harmful substances (Level B). Level B requirements for important indicators of water-based waterproof coating: volatile organic compounds ≤ 120g/l; Free formaldehyde ≤ 200mg/kg. Requirements for solvent based waterproof coating: volatile organic compounds ≤ 750g/l; Benzene ≤ 2g/kg; Toluene + ethylbenzene + xylene ≤ 400g/kg. Requirements for reactive polyurethane waterproof coatings: volatile organic compounds ≤ 200g/l; Benzene ≤ 200mg/kg

consumers should not buy waterproof materials cheaply. They should try their best to buy them in the formal building materials market and require dealers to show test reports that meet the standards; Operators can also write the product name, the limit level of harmful substances and other contents on the invoice; Some small samples can be left when using materials, which can be used as evidence in case of problems. Generally, good brand products are accompanied by product inspection reports, product certificates, and the ten ring mark or CTC mark of China environmental label certification, which are symbols of guaranteed product quality and environmental protection

it is worth noting that the problem of indoor air pollution is multifaceted. The sources of indoor air pollutants involve all aspects of indoor decoration, including waterproof coatings, paints, floors, furniture, mattresses, sofas, wallpaper, carpets, curtains, synthetic fibers, detergents, solvents, etc. Therefore, when decorating, consumers should pay attention to the environmental protection of other decoration materials while choosing high environmental protection grade waterproof coatings, so as to truly realize environmental protection and healthy green living




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