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With the progress of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for doors. In order to facilitate the use of door leaves and the development of fire prevention system, electric door closers have entered our life. For many people, electric door closers are not well understood. Next, Xiaobian will introduce it to you

electric door opener is often used in commercial and public buildings. It is a mechanism that realizes the automatic closing of door leaves through electric control, which belongs to high-grade wood door hardware accessories. So what are the ways to install the electric door closer? Let's get to know it right away

[what is an electric door closer]

the electric door closer can also be called an automatic door closer releaser or an electric releaser. This is a machine that realizes the automatic closing of the door leaf by using electric control. The difference between electric door closer and hydraulic fire door closer lies in the combination of releaser and non positioning system. When the door is pushed by the internal solenoid valve and strong spring, the compression spring causes the door leaf to lock. This kind of door closer was first used in normally open fire doors. After a series of inspections by the fire department, it is found that this kind of door closer uses current and has some dangerous situations. Therefore, the old hydraulic automatic door closer is still used in the current fire door market, which can effectively prevent dangerous situations

[composition of electric door closer]

electric door closer is composed of two parts: the main body of electric door closer and guide groove. The main body of the electric door closer is installed at the door frame, and the guide groove is installed at the door leaf. The electric door closer is mainly composed of shell, rotating arm, guide rail, electromagnet, spring, ratchet and other parts. Its structure is relatively complex, and there are many small parts as many as more than 60 kinds. Some parts are more important. If the quality of these parts is not up to standard, it is very easy to cause the scattering problem of the electric door closer

[installation method of electric door closer]

1. The most common standard usage is to install the door closer on the hinge side and the door opening side. When installed in this way, the arm of the door closer protrudes outward and forms about 90 DEG with the door frame

2. The door closer is installed on the side opposite to the hinge side and the door is closed. Usually, an additional support provided with the door closer is installed on the arm parallel to the door frame. This usage is usually used when you are unwilling to install the door closer on the outward opening outer door outside the building

3. The door closer body is installed on the door frame instead of the door, and the door closer is on the opposite side of the door hinge. This usage can also be used for exterior doors that open outward, especially those doors that have only a very narrow upper edge and do not have enough space to accommodate the door closer body

4. The vertical door closer (built-in vertical door closer) is vertical and invisible inside the side of the rotating shaft of the door leaf. There are no screws and components visible from the outside. It can be integrated with the door, which can be opened and closed in one direction and two directions, and the construction is simple

[requirements for the use of electric door closers]

1. Electric door closers must meet the national standard gb9305-88, and door closers used for fire doors should also meet the requirements of ga93-1995 "test of door closers for fire doors"

2. The factors that should be considered in the selection of door closers are: the weight of the door, the width of the door, the frequency of opening the door, and the use requirements and environment

3. The weight of the door and the width of the door are the most important factors in choosing the door closer model. Common doors include fire doors, wood doors, aluminum alloy doors, glass doors, steel doors, etc. Usually, if the weight of the door is small, choose the model with less force, and vice versa

4. Door opening frequency is a factor closely related to product quality. For frequently used occasions, products with good sealing performance and long service life should be selected

conclusion: the above introduces the installation of electric door closer, hoping to be helpful to you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. More wonderful content will be presented for you in the follow-up




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