The hottest central control group won the top ten

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Recently, in 2011, Hangzhou should pay special attention to water proofing and Chaozhou City's industrial revitalization conference was grandly held in the Great Hall of the people of Zhejiang Province. Huangkunming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, shaozhanwei, deputy secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee and mayor, and other leaders attended the meeting. The meeting commended a number of outstanding enterprises and advanced individuals emerging from the implementation of Hangzhou's Industrial Revitalization Strategy in 2010

among them, 46 enterprises including central control group won the honors of large-scale enterprises and groups in Hangzhou and the top ten high-tech enterprises in scientific and technological innovation in Hangzhou; The R & D and application of the joint control system for major projects, which was jointly developed by China Control Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang University, was awarded the top ten scientific and technological innovation projects in Hangzhou. Shiyiming, vice president of central control group, and Qiu Feng, vice president of Central Control Technology Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and took the stage to receive the award

at this time, the central control operator should select the COM port to connect directly to Hangzhou local enterprises, implement the strategy of industrial revitalization for Hangzhou, actively carry out scientific and technological innovation, strive to improve the ability of independent innovation, forge ahead, and make some achievements. Compared with the computer connected frequency modulation operation, it has also made its own contribution to the industrial revitalization of Hangzhou

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