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On March 13, Huazhong CNC announced that it planned to raise 857million yuan to invest in high-performance CNC system technology upgrading and capacity expansion projects, infrared product industrialization projects and supplementary working capital

this unit has the function of automatic zeroing. The number of non-public offering shares this time does not exceed 51.8 million, and the issue price is 16.54 yuan/share, which does not exceed 30% of the total share capital of the listed company before this issue. The fixed increase objects include Zhuoer intelligence, the national protection free (no hassle of replacing hydraulic oil) manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading fund, and a total of 35 specific objects including 33 natural persons

according to public data, the registered capital of the national manufacturing transformation and upgrading fund is 147.2 billion yuan, which mainly focuses on growing and mature enterprises in the fields of new materials, new generation information technology and power equipment. The fund has strong shareholders, including the Ministry of finance, CDB finance, China tobacco and other central ministries and commissions, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and large insurance companies, state-owned asset platforms, etc

as one of the core enterprises in the field of CNC system in China, Huazhong CNC has been in the leading position in China through undertaking major national projects and accumulating R & D for more than 20 years. The company has successively successfully developed a number of infrared products for industrial monitoring, infrared night vision, human body temperature measurement and other applications. It has made outstanding achievements in the scientific and technological prevention and control of the epidemic. The company has accumulated thousands of sets of infrared intelligent temperature detection systems, which play an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic throughout the country, including Wuhan Huoshen Mountain hospital, Leishen Mountain hospital, Shenzhen airport, Shenzhen Metro, capital airport, and many local customs ports, making important scientific and technological contributions to the epidemic prevention and control

Huazhong CNC said that the project invested by the raised funds will expand and improve the company's main business, enhance the company's competitiveness in CNC systems and infrared products, further improve the industrial layout, consolidate the core competitiveness and enhance the sustainable profitability

13 in the evening, Yanzhi, chairman of Zhuoer holdings and actual controller of central China CNC, said in an open letter to Zhuoer employees that Zhuoer smart manufacturing ecosystem fully supports central China CNC to expand the industrial scale by increasing capital and shares, improve "a successful exhibition to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and accelerate to become China's top and world leading CNC technology and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise

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