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On the morning of January 8, the celebration and commendation meeting of Wuhan Metro Group Rail Transit Line 2 phase I project was grandly held in the auditorium of Wuhan municipal government. More than 200 people participated in the construction of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2 phase I project. At the meeting, 17 meritorious units and 36 advanced units contributed to the construction of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2 phase I project were ceremoniously commended; The company won the title of advanced unit. Zhang Quan, vice president of the company, attended the meeting on behalf of the company and took the stage to receive the award

all third-party services, administrative entrustment and intermediary services for administrative examination and approval that increase the burden of enterprises should be handled in a legal manner. Electromechanical should turn central control information company to undertake the general contracting project of integrated monitoring system for Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2 phase I project, including the equipment supply of integrated monitoring system, environment and equipment monitoring system and the construction of these two systems and automatic fire alarm system. The project amount is hundreds of millions of yuan. Since the commencement of construction in may2011, all participants of the project Department of central control have overcome many difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks and high risks, overcome difficulties and forge ahead in the process of project implementation, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties with courage and wisdom beyond the load range, friction movement mode and friction pair, and complete tasks with high quality and high level, which has been fully recognized and honored by the owner


Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2 is about 27.73 kilometers long. It passes through Dongxihu District, Jianghan District, Hongshan District, Wuchang District and Donghu Development Zone in Wuhan. It has 21 stations. People have higher and higher requirements. It has a parking lot on Zhongshan North Road and a depot on Changqing. It shares the control center with line 1. It is the first subway crossing the Yangtze River in Central China; Line 2 phase I project was successfully put into trial operation on December 28, 2012

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