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It is understood that the fourth batch of the eighth road supervision group of the central environmental protection supervision completed the entry of Jilin, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hainan, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang (including the Corps) before the 15th of this month. In Shandong Province, bromine based flame retardants are the main flame retardants. There are not a few flame retardant manufacturers affected by environmental protection. Therefore, the supply of bromine based flame retardants in the market is reduced and the price is rising

the content of this memorandum is that the bromine flame retardant market is booming. There is a serious shortage of raw materials. Bromine has increased by 3.50% in the past five days, 4.83% in the past ten days and 7.07% in the past 20 days. On August 14, Shandong bromine enterprises increased by 2000 yuan/ton per day, with a quotation of 30000 yuan/ton. Huicong plastic predicts that bromine flame retardants will maintain a high price in the coming months

pp plastic flame retardant is made of imported materials. It is a new and efficient Reactive Flame Retardant Containing Br (bromine), P (phosphorus), n (nitrogen) and other elements. This paper mainly introduces the following three kinds:

1. Bromine based flame retardants

most bromine based flame retardants will decompose at ℃. This temperature range is also the decomposition temperature range of polypropylene. Therefore, when polypropylene is decomposed by heating, bromine based flame retardants also begin to decompose and can capture the free radicals generated by its degradation reaction, so as to delay or eventually remove the chain reaction of protection and anti combustion below. At the same time, the released HBr itself is a kind of flame retardant gas, which has a high density and can cover the surface of the material, play a role in blocking the combustible gas on the surface, and also inhibit the combustion of the material

the main disadvantage of bromine based flame retardants is that they reduce the UV resistance stability of the flame-retardant substrate, and generate more smoke, corrosive gas and toxic gas during combustion, which limits their application to a certain extent

2. Phosphorus based flame retardants

phosphorus based flame retardants play a flame retardant role in promoting dehydration and carbonization during the initial decomposition of polymers. This dehydration and carbonization step must depend on the oxygen-containing group of the polymer itself. For the polymer with oxygen-containing group in its own structure. Their flame retardant effect will be better. As far as polypropylene is concerned, because its molecular structure has no oxygen-containing groups, the flame retardant effect is poor when phosphorus flame retardant is used alone. However, if it is combined with (0h) 3 and Mg (OH) 2, it can produce synergistic effect, so as to obtain good flame retardant effect

3. Phosphorus nitrogen flame retardants

phosphorus nitrogen flame retardants, also known as intumescent flame retardants, are composed of exchange servo speed control units. When the polymer containing such flame retardants is heated, a uniform carbon foam layer can be formed on the surface, which can play the role of heat insulation, oxygen isolation and smoke suppression, and prevent the occurrence of molten drops. Therefore, it has good flame retardancy. The intumescent flame retardant system is generally composed of three parts: Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery source (dehydrating agent), carbon source (carbon forming agent) and gas source (nitrogen source and foaming source). Intumescent flame retardants mainly act as flame retardants in the condensed phase by forming a porous foam carbon layer. Phosphorus nitrogen flame retardants have the advantages of halogen-free, low smoke and low toxicity

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