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On July 14 ~ 17 (Saturday), the 2010 arc Hyderabad Forum on it business excellence and automation solutions hosted by the American Arc consulting group was held in Hyderabad, southern India. The Forum gathered Indian industry leaders, manufacturers and world-class automation and enterprise solution suppliers to discuss successful competitive strategies and the "production can be stopped by releasing the button". The forum consists of two stages: the first stage focuses on the power and water treatment industry, and the second stage focuses on the process industry

as an important activity for overseas market promotion in 2010, during the conference, a total of 7 promotion teams composed of the overseas market development department of Zhejiang zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "zhongkong") and the Indian office had in-depth exchanges and discussions with nearly 300 senior executives from more than 100 well-known Indian enterprises such as Tata, Indian Petroleum, Bharat petroleum, BHEL engineering group, reliance industry group, etc. YuHaiBin, director of overseas business of central control, delivered a speech entitled "potential and opportunities to achieve plant efficiency: environmental protection and value-added process industry solutions" to the guests, focusing on the development potential of China in this kind of high value-added materials, and introduced the integrated automation solutions of central control, corresponding software products and application benefits; Ji Yong, deputy director of overseas business, gave a speech on "waste to electricity waste incineration power generation solution", which demonstrated the scheme, project implementation ability and typical performance of central control in the waste power generation industry

the two speeches closely focused on the theme of environmental protection and focused on promoting the sustainable development of human society. The perfect solutions and detailed application cases aroused the great interest of the on-site guests. After the meeting, they consulted with the representatives of the central control and had more in-depth exchanges

during the forum, there were a large number of people in front of the center control exhibition with poor anti-interference ability. Guests stopped to visit and expressed high appreciation and interest in the rich products of center control and its successful performance in the Indian market. During this period, representatives of central control had in-depth exchanges with guests, comprehensively demonstrated their technical strength, gained high recognition from arc organizers and invited guests of the forum, further improved the brand awareness and influence of central control in the Indian automation market, and helped promote the further development and greater development of central control in the Indian market


the arc advisory group was established in 1986. It is a famous automotive parts consulting company focusing on the industrial field in the industry. It is committed to providing customers with professional consulting services on technology, market and strategy in the fields of automation systems, enterprise and factory it solutions, asset life cycle management, supply chain management, operation management, etc

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