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The annual output of 7.5 million steel tires project settled in Guiyang

Chenzhou, may 22 (correspondent Deng long) on May 22, the foundation laying ceremony of the annual output of 7.5 million steel tires project of Chenzhou Gongda tire manufacturing Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the Changfu project area of Guiyang Industrial Park

according to the person in charge of Chenzhou Gongda tire manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chenzhou Gongda tire manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first model production base of "Gongda" brand new safety steel tire - "China's first tire" in China, which is invested and constructed by Beijing lunba Tire Co., Ltd. and its partners. The base is located in the Changfu project area of Guiyang Industrial Park, with a planned land area of 332000 square meters and a total investment of 1.239 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, the annual production scale will be 7.5 million new safety steel tires, the total output value will reach more than 10 billion yuan, the total profit and tax will reach more than 2 billion yuan, at the same time, it can provide nearly 3000 jobs, and provide the latest high-tech replacement product technical support for domestic and foreign tire manufacturing enterprises, serve users all over the world who are deeply loved by enterprises and manufacturers, and benefit all mankind

it is understood that Guiyang is rich in resources, superior location and convenient transportation. It is a hot land for investment with great potential. In recent years, the county has closely focused on the goal of "catching up with the long Liuwang and leading the southern Hunan", and in accordance with the idea of "promoting industry in the park and strengthening the county through industry", accelerated the promotion of new industrialization, especially seized the opportunity of being listed as a pilot county in the province to undertake industrial transfer and develop processing trade, and planned to build a 29 square kilometer large industrial park with "one park and six districts", which provides a high-quality platform for undertaking coastal industrial transfer and cultivating industrial clusters, A large number of large-scale industrial projects have been introduced, and the economic strength of the county has been greatly enhanced. The construction of Gongda steel tire project is a new highlight and key project for the industrial and economic development of Guiyang County, which will fill the gap of intellectual property manufacturing enterprises in the county, and is of far-reaching significance in promoting the transformation and development of the county's economic structure and accelerating new-type industrialization

in, we received customer failure consultation from Ju Hongzhen, President of the National Rubber Association, chenzhihong, President of the China rubber tire branch and head of the China tire expert group, and the four major leaders of Guiyang County attended the foundation laying ceremony along with the mediation and upgrading of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc

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