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The steel raw material market was mixed, and the imported ore market fell slightly.

Steel Union News reported that on April 26, the spot market of steel raw materials was mixed, and the export ore market fell slightly; The price of domestic ore market is stable; Weak operation of billet market; Coke market is still strong; The shipping market fell slightly

in detail, the price of exported ore fell slightly on the 26th, with fewer market transactions. In terms of port spot, the spot price also fell due to the decline in the main iron ore contract today. Because of the approaching holiday, traders still have expectations for the demand of steel mills, and there is not much room for quotation to fall. At present, due to the high inventory level of steel mills, after the price fell this week, it was mainly unsightly, and there were few market transactions. Futures: the iron ore 1609 contract shook down throughout the day, closing at 450.5, down 5.94%

in terms of internal mining, the domestic mining market 7.8 experimental instrument: uh2502 electronic tensile testing machine (equipped with large deformation extension device) has a stable price and a good deal. Because the price of steel billets fell, mining enterprises hesitated for the future market and refused to take excessive risks. The sentiment of hope is still dominant. It is estimated that the price of domestic mines will temporarily remain stable in the near future

on the 26th, the billet market in the world was weak. Steel billets in Shandong and Shanxi fell by 100 yuan/ton, Jiangsu fell by 80 yuan/ton, and other regions remained stable. As far as Tangshan market is concerned, on the one hand, the production restriction policy of the world horticultural exposition has led to the production restriction of rolling mills, the demand of enterprises for billets has weakened, and it is difficult to directly send billets. Other futures markets have also begun to adjust downward recently, and businesses have begun to operate cautiously. However, the inventory of billet storage is low, which has a certain supporting effect on the price, but there is still room for decline in the environment of weak labor flow demand

the international coke market is still in a strong operation, in the form of overall stability and partial decline. The rise in North China is prominent, and the market transaction is good. The production of coal mines in the lower reaches has remained low, the blast furnace operating rate of lower class steel enterprises has increased slightly, and the low inventory of coke in steel enterprises has led to the widespread "double low" operation of coke enterprises, and the shortage of "double coke" has strongly supported the coke price. The author is still bullish on the recent coke market, and it is estimated that the possibility of a sharp decline in coke prices in a short time is great. Futures: Coke 1609 contract was wide-ranging throughout the day, closing at 1101.5, up 0.36%, with incremental positions

on the 26th, the scrap market was mainly stable, with mixed gains and losses, and the transaction was ordinary. Among them, the cost of Ningbo Guangxin scrap fell by 30 yuan/ton; Jiangsu Hongtai scrap is reduced by 20 yuan/ton; Tangshan ganglu iron and steel scrap will be reduced by 30 yuan/ton; The selling price of Chongqing zuhang scrap steel is reduced by 30 yuan/ton; Chongqing Yonghang scrap sales price decreased by 20 yuan/ton; Guiyang Minda scrap sales reduced by 40 yuan/ton. According to the experience, with the decline of billet price, under this influence, the good trend of the international scrap market is blocked. Businesses' expectations increased, and some regions showed a downward trend. It is estimated that the scrap market will look forward to the future

the pig iron market was affected by the decline in the price of billets and steel, which was temporarily stable after rising, and the transaction of low-cost capital was slightly weak. When most customers purchased hydraulic universal testing machines to enhance the safety of electric vehicles, the manufacturers still maintained low inventories. It is estimated that the pig iron market will be dominated by stable operation in the early stage

the dry bulk shipping market fell slightly on the 26th. The freight of Panamax ships fell, and the freight of Capesize ships rose and fell in different routes. At present, the ocean freight from Brazil to China is $8.964/t, down $0.036/t (10000 tons); The ocean freight from Western Australia to China is US $4.441/t, which provides an opportunity to show us $0.073/t (10000 tons); South Africa to China USD/ton (10000 tons); Iran to China 9 5 dollars/ton (10000 tons). Shipping activities in northwest Asia are remote. At present, the freight from Indonesia to the port in the south of China is 2 5 dollars/ton (10000 tons); USD/ton (10000 tons)

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