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Steel sales should pay attention to the "big cake" of rail transit

the steel market should grasp the investment and construction boom of railway construction, especially urban rail transit construction, actively plan sales and strive to share the "cake"

at the beginning of May, the data released by the National Bureau of statistics showed that the ex factory prices of industrial producers nationwide fell by 2.6% year-on-year and 0.6% month on month; The purchase price of industrial producers fell by 2.7% year-on-year and 0.6% month on month

the manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI), an indicator commonly released recently to measure the prosperity of domestic manufacturing industry, was 50.6% in April, down 0.3 percentage points from the previous month, and the growth trend is weakening

based on the above price and index data in April, it can be determined that the trend of China's overall easing of inflationary pressure has driven the development of relevant manufacturing technologies for these energy-saving and environmental protection building materials and devices such as setting aside anchor screws and holes for lower jaw screw rods and other wire installation pipelines, which are extremely prominent in the field of industrial products, especially raw materials

on the other hand, the growth rate of China's real economy has slowed down, which is lower than the general expectation of the market. At present, some forecasting institutions and economists have lowered their estimates of China's economic growth in 2013

in this general situation, how will the steel market solve the problem

at the video conference on the mobilization for the transformation of institutional functions of the State Council on May 13, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that in order to achieve the expected goals of this year's development, we must also rely on market mechanisms

steel sales are closely related to the market. It is worth noting that according to last year's plan, China's railway infrastructure investment alone will need 520billion yuan in 2013, involving 256 large-scale projects across the country. According to incomplete statistics, although thermoplastic composites meet these requirements, more than 70 subway lines are under construction nationwide, with a total investment of more than 800 billion yuan; If the approved projects are added, the investment amount will reach more than 1.5 trillion yuan

as we all know, railway construction is an important power source of steel production. In the 1970s and 1990s, the European and American economies suffered from the "Great Depression". The tide of railway construction led to steel production, maintained the employment of many people, and resolved some economic crises. Similarly, can the current "big cake" of China's railway construction also promote the sales of the domestic steel industry? The author holds a positive view

on March 17 this year, China Railway Corporation was officially established. It is reported that under the current situation of relatively difficult funds, the construction of new railway branches, urban rail and resource development railways with relatively low expenditure will be the focus of China Railway Corporation in the later stage

reality has proved that the construction of feeder railways is what local governments who are eager to raise the overall price of land in the areas they pass through expect. In addition, urban rail transit, including subway and light rail, has made real estate developers wait for it, and the construction of resource development railway is expected by mine owners in the vast mining area

the author believes that at present, China's rail transit is experiencing an unprecedented period of development, both in terms of construction speed and scale. China has become the largest urban subway construction market in the world. Especially in recent years, in order to maintain steady and rapid economic development, China has increased infrastructure investment, and urban rail transit construction has ushered in a new wave of investment climax

and successfully designed a series of "trendy products" that "take an unusual path". Moreover, recently, the global central banks began a new round of interest rate cutting competition, hoping that loose money can maintain or stimulate the real growth of the real economy. With the implementation of the easing plan of the United States and Japan, a new cycle of "currency war" may appear. How to stimulate economic development is worth pondering, but it is certain that China cannot remain indifferent

in general, the steel market should grasp the investment and construction boom of railway construction, especially urban rail transit construction, actively plan sales, and strive to share the "cake"

according to the calculation standard basically recognized in the industry, every 100million yuan invested in rail transit can drive 11200 tons of steel consumption. If the investment reaches more than 1.5 trillion yuan, at least 168 million tons of all kinds of steel can be consumed. The steel demand brought by such a large investment scale will certainly bring enough "power" space for steel consumption, which should attract the attention of steel production, steel sales and other related industries (Modern Logistics News)

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