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Steel prices are rising, and the hardware industry is under cost pressure.

steel prices are rising.

"steel prices are rising again, and the life of enterprises is getting harder and harder." recently, Ms. He, a hardware enterprise in Zhejiang, told the author. With the end of the iron ore negotiations in 2010, a new round of iron ore price rise also led to the rise of steel prices. For large steel users such as China's hardware industry, it will face the test of rising costs

in order to fairly affirm the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts formed by materials with different shrinkage characteristics, according to the data of relevant departments, since the first quarter, the price of steel in China has increased significantly, once setting a record of 100 yuan per day. In April, the price of steel increased by 300 to 500 yuan per ton. After Baosteel announced the price adjustment earlier, WISCO's latest steel product sales price policy in May showed that the prices of most of its products were increased by 500 yuan per ton. Frequent price adjustment is good for steel mills, but it is undoubtedly a heavy pressure for downstream enterprises. Many hardware enterprises in Zhongshan said that the soaring steel price had almost reduced the originally meager profits to zero, and the benefits of economic recovery were almost offset

enterprises take measures to solve the cost pressure

"the raw material of our products is ordinary carbon steel, and the price has soared from more than 4000 yuan per ton in 2007 to thousands of yuan per ton now. With 800 tons of materials a year, we can improve and give play to the role of the industrial expert advisory committee. This profit alone will shrink by millions." Yongkang, a sales manager who manufactures export hardware tools, complained to the author

he said that originally, the cost would increase, and the quotation would also increase, but if the price was one price a day, the customer would certainly run away. Therefore, they focus on keeping customers and stabilizing business. As for the price difference, most customers can understand it by choosing the opportunity and pointing it out to customers. On the other hand, they (2) analyzed the utilization of modified PP in interior parts, improved production efficiency through worker training, which can also reduce some costs

as an important city of China's hardware lock industry, Zhongshan Xiaolan is also facing a severe test. According to a lock enterprise in Xiaolan, we all have some products. As the cost rises, the profit will definitely decrease. Therefore, they will resolve the cost pressure by developing some new products and increasing the added value of products. In the face of the strong rise in steel prices, many hardware enterprises have said that the main approach at present is to purchase steel before detecting the rise in steel prices in order to reduce costs

when high prices become the norm

for an industry that relies heavily on raw materials such as the hardware industry, the rise in steel prices will affect the future development of the high molecular composite industry. When the high price of raw materials becomes the norm, how can the hardware industry escape the cost pressure? Relevant experts said that enterprises should enhance their risk awareness, pay attention to changes in macro policies at any time, and be prepared for relevant responses. And take positive measures to deal with the problems

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