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Toyota textile made its debut at Shanghai International Auto Show

for the first time, Toyota textile will focus on recycling plastics from the community to participate in the "2011 Shanghai International Auto Show" scheduled to be held from April 19 to 28. In this exhibition, Toyota textile will not only display the car interior accessories and auto parts produced and sold in China, but also introduce the biotechnology products made of hemp ※ 1 in a simple and easy way

main points

1) you can actually take the seats of 6 models ※ 2 produced by Toyota textile in China and the top rear seat on Lexus ls to experience the comfort of the seats

2) through the vehicle model made on the basis of Toyota Crown, the audience can see the seats, ceilings and doors that make up the car room space. On the 29th, the national billet market rose and fell, but it is the first time that it claims to directly replace the diversified product lineup of Toyoda textile, such as polymer slurry board, filter and power transmission equipment ※ 3. In addition, the company also opened a special corner where visitors can use the touch screen to understand the details of products

3) a driving simulator equipped with accelerator, brake and steering wheel is set. Sitting in the driver's seat of Lexus ct200hl, the audience can personally feel the comfort of the operating position

※ 1 native to India or Africa, it is an annual Malvaceae plant with fast growth and strong photosynthetic ability

※ 2 crown, Ruizhi, corolla, RAV4, Land Cruiser Prado Hanlanda

※ 3 general name of filter and engine surrounding parts (oil filter, car room air filter, air filter, intake system products, intake pipe, engine decorative cover, etc.)

ITO Wenlong, chairman of Toyota textile (China) group, commented on this exhibition: "The rapid development momentum of China's automobile industry is breathtaking. China is a very important market for Toyota textile group. Based on this understanding, we are very honored to participate in China's international auto show. In the future, the company will continue to make its own contributions to the development and growth of the Chinese market."

introduction to main exhibits

1) car seats

Lexus ls, crown, Ruizhi, RAV4, Prado, Highlander

2) interior products

① jute polylactic acid door panel substrate that improves the heat resistance of jute substrate

② introduce the selection of foreign control system with video and touch screen

③ floor carpet, ceiling, door panel, silencing pad, column trim panel, leather instrument panel Top console, etc.

3) filters, power transmission products

oil filters, air filters, car room air filters, automatic transmission oil filters, resin intake pipes, resin cylinder heads, etc.

4) fiber · exterior products

seat fabrics, low friction seat belts, spare bumpers, etc.

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