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Toyo textile will begin to produce 100% plant-based biological resin

Toyo textile will produce 100% plant-based polyethylene furate polymer (PEF) developed by avantium, a Dutch biological start-up, at its Iwate Institute (Iwate City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan). In addition, Toyo textile will also produce the film using the PEF and sell it in cooperation with Mitsui products. Samples are scheduled to be provided in 2017

the PEF has the characteristics close to that of polyester (PET), and its air tightness when molded into film and plastic bottle is higher than that of pet if it is successfully sold. The air tightness of oxygen is 10 times higher than that of pet, and the air tightness environmental protection of water vapor has been paid more and more attention by all countries, which is twice that of pet

the manufacturing method of PEF is to polymerize furan dicarboxylic acid (FDCA) made of sugar raw materials from biomass with ethylene glycol from biomass. Pet polymerizes terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, mostly using terephthalic acid from petroleum and ethylene glycol from biomass, so it is not 100% biological resin. In response to this situation, avantium has developed a method to efficiently produce furan dicarboxylic acid with a structure similar to terephthalic acid from sugar raw materials, realizing 100% PEF from plants

Toyo textile has begun to produce biomass high melting point polyamide "vyloamide", amorphous polylactic acid resin "vyloecol", and some biological resins such as packaging film "bioprana" using biomass raw materials. In the future, the bio resin product line will be expanded by manufacturing new PEF

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