The hottest Toyo rubber strengthens overseas tire

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Toyo rubber strengthens overseas tire production so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Toyo rubber industrial company recently announced a three-year overseas investment plan until December 2016. The company will invest a total of 130 billion yen to strengthen tire production in North America and Malaysia, so as to increase its overseas tire production proportion to 50% for better modification and improvement, an increase of 15 percentage points over 2013. After this round of investment, by December 2016, the company's tire sales are expected to reach 470billion yen, an increase of 27% over 2013; The operating profit will reach 52 billion yen, an increase of 40%

the membrane of Toyo rubber recycling is suitable for making all kinds of garbage bags, etc. the president of the company, Xin Muming, said that in addition to enhancing the production capacity of existing factories, the company will also study the construction of factories in new areas. The financing of relevant funds will be mainly self owned funds and bank loans, but the issuance of bonds is also under consideration

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