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Make good use of black lights to improve the display effect of outdoor rental display screens

since the introduction of LED display screens, most outdoor LED displays have adopted white LED packaging devices (white lights). With the development of LED display screens, in recent years, in addition to white lights, black LED packaging devices (black lights) have increasingly appeared on the market

why are there few outdoor SMD black light rental products on the market

(1) the cost of SMD black light is relatively high, which is generally times the cost of SMD white light; Rental customers are generally sensitive to the price of products, and the price is too high, which is often unacceptable

(2) customers think that outdoor rental products need high brightness; At present, the mainstream outdoor rental products in the market are white lights. Customers habitually believe that the brightness of black lights should be as high as that of white lights to meet the outdoor rental needs

(3) customers use SMD white light outdoor rental products for a long time and have little knowledge of SMD black light; Little is known about whether the brightness of black light products used in outdoor rental activities can meet the requirements of outdoor use, and little is known about the display effect of black light products used in outdoor activities

why is it better to use SMD black light for outdoor leasing

1. Contrast can determine the sharpness of an image more than brightness

does the LED display have to be so bright? The reason is that improving the brightness of LED display is essentially to increase the visibility of screen pictures, videos and other content. Research shows that the human eye feels more about color than light and dark. The visual cells on the human visual membrane are composed of conical cells and columnar cells. Because each conical cell is connected to an optic nerve terminal, it has high resolution and can distinguish details and colors; However, multiple columnar cells are connected to an optic nerve terminal, so the resolution is low, and only the outline of the figure can be distinguished. Although the total sensory range of the human eye for brightness is very wide, when the human eye adapts to the brightness of a certain environment, its sensory range will be limited. At this time, the cone cells responsible for examining color play a major role

smd black light has high contrast, and the contrast of outdoor products is more important than brightness. Through the analysis and measurement of the optical performance parameters of LED display screen, the main indicators that can objectively evaluate the video display effect of LED display screen are image stability, brightness, chromaticity, contrast and angle of view. The contrast determines the clarity of the display screen, which has a great impact on the display effect; The higher the contrast, the stronger the hierarchical sense of the displayed image and the more vivid it is

1) comparison between outdoor SMD white light and outdoor SMD black light:

2) according to the definition of sj/t LED display general specification 3.19, the highest contrast refers to the ratio of the maximum brightness measured by the display screen under a certain ambient illumination to the background brightness; The higher the background brightness of outdoor products, the worse the display effect. SMD white light will improve the background brightness, and the contrast of relative white light will be relatively low. High contrast means relatively high brightness and the gorgeous degree of color)

as shown in the above figure: in the outdoor environment, the background brightness of the white light display screen is higher because the light surface is white; Due to the dark light surface, the background brightness of the display screen is low

3) the background brightness ratio of black lights of outdoor rental products is generally 3000:1; The brightness ratio of outdoor white light background is generally 1000:1. However, in the outdoor environment, due to the relatively strong ambient light, the background brightness of the display screen is higher than the test, and the relative contrast will be lower

the test comparison is as follows

4) in addition, the background brightness is generated by the external light reflected by the panel and the light-emitting tube of the LED display screen, that is, the measured background brightness is determined by the reflection coefficient of the panel and the reflection coefficient of the light-emitting tube

first, analyze the reflection of the panel. The larger the reflection coefficient of the panel, the larger the value of the measured background brightness, and the smaller the value of the contrast. Therefore, to improve the calculated value of contrast, we should first try to reduce the reflection coefficient of the panel

the simplest way to reduce the reflection coefficient is generally to coat a layer of light absorbing material on the background panel to reduce the reflected light. In order to reduce the background brightness to a greater extent, you can also carve small grooves or patterns on the panel, as shown in the simplified schematic diagram below:

5) in addition to bringing high contrast, black light also brings another better performance, that is, non reflection. Because the PPA bracket in the black LED light bead is black, because black does not reflect light, that is, it has no reflective ability, so the light shining on the black object is converted into other energy (such as heat energy), so even when there is stray light, the black PPA bracket will absorb it all, and will no longer reflect the stray light, thus reducing the interference of stray light, making the color more realistic, and there will be no cross color The phenomenon of tailing and mutual interference of various colors makes the colors more pure, clear and lifelike. In particular, led stage background screen, because of the color materials of projection lamps in the stage environment, scientists and engineers have designed, tested and produced many print heads, silicon chips and thermal inkjet print heads here, and the interlaced light and shadow will seriously affect the display effect of LED stage background screen. In addition to meeting the requirements of product application, the black lamp itself does not reflect light, Decai photoelectric also uses the black lamp of surface atomization treatment technology to diffuse the light, and the image on the display screen can still be clearly seen in the stage environment with serious reflection. Therefore, it can avoid the mutual interference of the light emitted by various light sources on the dance stage, so as to increase the black screen effect of the LED display screen and is not affected by the brightness of the external environment, The LED display screen made of black light can always keep the light and dark levels of the display screen color clear and bright. At present, the surface of light-emitting tubes is painted with ink and the light-emitting tubes are made of black PPA. The following figure:

surface inking:

advantages: high brightness, low price, high market share

disadvantages: high reflectivity at the edge of the bowl and cup, PPA affects the contrast of the display screen

black ppa:

advantages: low emissivity improves the contrast of the whole screen

disadvantages: low brightness, slightly higher price compared with surface inking

6) finally, the contrast can be improved by adding a visor and a brim, To reduce the reflective rate of the screen surface, so as to improve the contrast of the display screen. The following figure:

it can be seen from the above figure that the products without brims have no reflective design, so the background of the display screen is seriously reflective, and the background brightness is relatively high, which reduces the contrast of the display screen; Due to the reflective design, the products with brims have less reflective rate of background brightness, which improves the contrast of the display screen

2. SMD black light display effect is exquisite

as shown in the above figure, under the same brightness, the higher the contrast, the finer the display effect; The higher the contrast of the same color, the better the gray scale display

3. It can realize the real dual-use of indoor and outdoor

the brightness of Shenzhen Decai photoelectric black lamp outdoor products reaches 4300nit, which can fully meet the use requirements of various outdoor places. With the original gray compensation technology of Decai, the brightness gray scale will not change when used indoors; At present, when the brightness of nit, a conventional outdoor product in the industry, needs to be reduced to about 1000nit indoors, the loss of gray scale reduction is relatively large, and the fineness and color restoration authenticity of indoor display will be much worse

the following is the contrast effect of the conventional white light (left) (4500nit) and the German color outdoor black light p4.81 (4300nit) used in indoor occasions after reducing the brightness to 1200nit respectively. The outdoor black light cooperates with the German color gray compensation technology to truly realize the general effect inside and outside the house, with one screen for multiple purposes

4. DICOLOR outdoor black light rental solution

aiming at the many advantages of outdoor black lights, Shenzhen Decai optoelectronics launched m-plus, M-pro and Ma series products for different application requirements

m-plus and M-P, including fabric and binder RO and Ma black light, have also proved their advantages with practical effects, successfully helping one large-scale event scene after another, casting an international large-scale stage. More wonderful black light cases will be decrypted soon. Please look forward to it

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