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Toyota synthetic has developed a new type of resin water pipe

Toyota synthetic announced that it has begun mass production of a resin water pipe with impermeable and transparent plastic hair that is more needed in newly opened kitchens, and said it was the first Japanese company to use water assisted injection molding technology to produce this product

this new type of resin water pipe and products made of stainless steel and other metals have achieved a weight reduction of 40%. Moreover, water assisted injection molding technology can produce complex three-dimensional shapes, which can not be achieved by traditional metal materials. The curved shape can meander along the engine, making the best use of space and reducing the overall volume of the engine

Toyota synthetic said that the product will also integrate the two pipes and support parts in the direction of going and coming, reducing the number of parts, thereby reducing 1) the design of flow channel reduces the cost

thanks to the company's material technology, each product is customized and modified and mixed with specific materials, so the resin water pipe can well withstand the engine coolant, which is firm and durable

this water pipe was first used on Lexus "NX" released by Toyota in July 2014. 4.2 test pieces were prepared on the intercooler of the engine with supercharger for use as cooling water pipes. Its length is about 55cm. The company said it would expand its scope of application and promote more automobile manufacturers and brands

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