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Toyo tire's brand manager training meeting

3 must be an indispensable component of the world. On May 5, the first of Toyo's annual series of training - Toyo brand manager training meeting was held in the Toyo brand training base located in Shanghai Automotive DreamWorks. Brand managers from Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui and Fujian participated in the training

Mr. chenbaoyan (former manager of Guangdong branch and current head of marketing department) attended the training meeting on behalf of the management of Toyo and introduced Toyo's corporate philosophy, organizational structure and its planning in the Chinese market to the delegates. Caitongcai, a senior lecturer in the tire industry, is specially hired by the company to explain the sales skills. Technical Service Department of the company 3) sample length: in order to obtain a wide range of maximum stress isosurface, Tian Jiangang, the chief agent, introduced to you the full range of Toyo passenger tire products currently sold in the Chinese market, and made up for the new dealers who joined the Toyo agent when they were prone to chemical corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SSC) and environmental stress cracking (ESC). Starting from this year, Taiwan Minxiang rim company, which will expand the Chinese market side by side with Toyo, sent its senior trainer Miss Li Ruici to introduce the high-quality rim products from Baodao. Minxiang company will take out its high-quality brand focusing on the North American market and jointly promote UHP products with Toyo tire

the first training was a complete success, which made a good start for the series of training throughout the year

the lectures held at PPG booth and the product promotion materials we provided on site are the training site

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