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Toyo tire will sell auto tires in China

according to Japanese media reports, Toyo tire issued a statement on the 17th saying that it had reached a basic agreement with Youfa, a subsidiary of Singapore Youfa international, on the cooperative sale of Nitto brand passenger car tires in China. In the future, Toyo rubber plans to strive to expand the global markets such as Asia, where the growth rate is higher than that of most manufacturing industries, South America and Oceania by pressing the "start" button of the governor, and strive to make the sales volume of Nitto brand tires reach 6.75 million by fiscal year 2015, about 2.6 times the current level

one of the brands of Toyo tire, which ranks fourth in Japan, "Nitto tire", produces more than 90% of large-diameter tires with a diameter of more than 17 inches. The factory is located in Sendai in northeastern Japan and the United States. With its unique design, it has a market share of 75% in North America and 15% in the Middle East

at present, more than 90% of the main brands of Toyo tires are "Toyo tires". However, it is expected that by the end of March 2016, the sales volume of "Nitto tire" brand for convenient oil cooling will be increased to 2.6 times the current level, to 6.75 million. The sales ratio has also increased from 9% in March 2011 to 15%. In addition, Toyo tire will also accelerate its expansion strategy in Asia, South America, Oceania and other markets.

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